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Hey there!

Welcome to our little corner of the world-wide web.
A little place I like to call our online home. You can find all of our loves, likes, adventures, daily life, opinions and some other bits thrown in to the mixture for good measure here. 

I'm Tammy, I'm a twenty something mum of three.
I love binge watching TV shows, taking family walks, baking, getting crafty and reading goodness know how many books when I do get some time to myself.
I practically live on caffeine despite hating it just a few years ago and barely sleep now days with a toddler and pre-schooler regularly taking up most of my bed.. I am also the person behind the writing here on Us Two Plus You.

Simon is mostly known as Daddy in our house and will likely be called one or both at various times when I am writing. He wouldn't be nearly considered a conventional Dad in any way and can look pretty odd when he wants to.
Simon enjoys watching YouTube, playing Pokemon go or talking about it! He also loves to play video games too. When he isn't doing either of those he might be found doing a little digital design or drinking a cup of hazelnut flavoured coffee.

My oldest little one is Dylan although he's not actually that little anymore! He was born in March 2013 and seems to be growing far too fast for my liking.
Dylan has many, many favourite things which seem to be constantly changing but he is very much a lover of all things Pokemon! His firm favourite is Charmander and all it's evolutions. He has an impressive imagination and despite telling us he's bored is always finding fun ways to play or making up new games. 
Dylan is such a kind and caring person who is most happy when he is making people smile and laugh, it's a part of his personality I hope he never loses. 

The only girl is Scarlet, she is still little and was born in June 2017. She much like her brother is growing up so fast! 
Scarlet has her own favourites and her favourite thing to do is play tea party. It doesn't matter if anyone wants to join in she loves to get all her tea party pieces out and create wonderful pretend tea with cake and anything else she can dream up. I think she may grow to have my love for baking, I do hope so!  She enjoys playing with her baby dolls and looking after them too. Her imagination is growing all the time but it's shaping up to be just as great as her big brothers. 

The littlest person in our family is Avery, he is definitely still small and is just a toddler who was born in May 2019. 

Since he is still so small he hasn't developed many of his favourites yet but he's a big fan of all things fruits and vegetables. He does love to pull things out of boxes, bags, packets and anything else he can get his hands on. He also enjoys listening to songs and nursery rhymes. We are still learning new things about his personality every day. 

I look forward to sharing our lives, loves, new finds, explorations and all the little moments life has in store for us

I hope you enjoy reading along with us. 

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