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Exploring Through Play with the new playmobil City Recycling Truck Promo-Pack { AD - Review}

 *The product featured in the post was gifted to us in return for an honest review.*

*All thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own*

Learning about the world around them is a huge part of any child's development, their natural curiosity and imagination create a perfect balance for learning through play. It's this combination that makes small world play so much fun while also providing so many educational opportunities. Through their play children learn about the world around them but they also have the opportunity to believe in whatever they want, create whole worlds of mystical beings and just enjoy the imagination. One thing that will stay consistent is that children will mimic the lives they experience in their play time. It is this which makes playmobil such a great selection of toys and the newest Promo-Packs offer a peak into the various world's which playmobil have in their set collections. 

What are playmobil Promo-Packs?

The new Promo-Packs are additions to the many playmobil worlds which are already available. The Promo-packs come in a variety of options with one or two packs from the different ranges including playmobil Space, City Life, Mermaids, Country, Stunt Show, Magic, City Action and Family Fun. Each of the sets provides a good example of the kinds of play sets available within these various themes of playmobil. You should be able to get an idea of how your child would enjoy the theme and how it will spark their imagination. Each Promo-Pack can stand as sets which can be played with individually and don't need the other sets in the theme to be well loved or provide enjoyable play.

We received the playmobil City Recycling Truck from the City Life theme, As you can see Avery was so excited about this set. He just loves to watch the recycling people do their job in our area on recycling days along with Scarlet. As a big part of society, it is a job which children don't often explore outside of imaginary play too. 

What is in the playmobil City Recycling Truck set?

Upon opening the box you will find there is a small bit of assembly required, however the set will only need built once and most of the assembly was for the recycling truck itself. You need to add the wheels, exhaust pipes, light module and stickers to the recycling truck as well as add wheels and stickers to the recycling bins. The whole assembly took me less than 10 minutes, most of which was placing the stickers on the recycling truck. The playmobil instructions are really helpful and offer great photo diagrams labelled with matching numbers for each sticker on the sheet. 

Once built up this set consists of two recycling people with hats, three different recycling bins  (including an industrial bin not in the photo above), one recycling truck and a selection of recyclable material which are widely recycled around the world. 

What are the features of the  playmobil City Recycling Truck?

The best part of this playmobil set is the Recycling Truck which has a whole host of features which really add to the play opportunities for children. I am going to start at the front of the Recycling Truck which is the cab, this area has a detachable roof which lifts off to let you put the people into the seats, one of which is the drivers seat that sits behind a steering wheel you can really turn.

 A feature that I absolutely love and think was a smart add for playmobil is the fire extinguisher which is removable and has a place to attach in between the driver and passenger seats of the cab. This small addition adds a whole new possibility for play scenarios with the set. The whole cab will also pull forward from the undercarriage frame, underneath you can see the engine shapes and even fit the figures into this area, again this detail adds a whole new realm of play from a mechanics perspective.

The final feature on the cab section of the playmobil City Recycling Truck is on the top of the roof, the set includes flashing orange lights, just like the real recycling trucks do. The lights flash to a rhythm and pushing the button on this means they flash for around a minute. Both Scarlet and Avery loved this feature, it prompted Scarlet to make the beeping sound big vehicles make when they start reversing!

Moving to the back section of the truck, the hopper, you can access this through two different ways, there is a large opening with a lid at the top of the recycling truck. You can also access the hopper using the functioning bin lift at the back of the truck. This is really easy to use, the bin is attached by pushing the connection on one side into the clip which is positioned at the exact right height for the bin to reach when on a flat surface. to operate the bin lift there is a small leaver on the left side of the truck to lift up, this will lift the bin and empty the recycling right into the flap that opens to the hopper. 

The last feature of the hopper is that the entire thing is easy to empty out, just like the real bin and recycling trucks, the entire hopper door opens out from the top and the hopper itself can be tilted of the undercarriage frame to ensure the recycling tumbles out! So once Scarlet and Avery had collected up all the recycling they found in the bins they could drive to the recycling centre and empty out the collection. 

The set comes with three different types of recycling bins, a green bin, a brown bin and an industrial yellow bin. While these don't match the home recycling bins here in NI they do match the rest of UK. They are very similar to the black bins with moving wheels and recycling symbols on each bin. The industrial bin is huge, has a lid which is similar to the real industrial yellow bins and has four wheels on the bottom to move in the same way too. Scarlet enjoyed using this bin as a fire emergency with one of the figures and the fire extinguisher from the cab, I think this was inspired by a recent recycling centre fire which was in the news for several days last month.

Our overall thoughts 

I was really impressed by just how much detail there is in this playmobil set. The City Recycling Truck itself in amazingly detailed, with so many working functions that it makes the pretend play just as exciting as seeing the real recycling workers out collecting the recycling in our city.

The attention to detail even carries over into what the recycling worker figures are wearing, the set includes two removable hats which are both different. Both figure are different too, one is wearing glasses, both figures have different shaped bright orange vest on and their tops are also slightly different with one having black arrow sections. Again Scarlet really liked being able to tell the difference and remember which person she had given which job. 

Although the playmobil City Life range is aimed at children 4 and above, Avery really enjoyed the ability to mimic the actions of the real life recycling workers just as much as Scarlet did. They both benefited from playing with the set in different ways, although you could clearly see where the additional attention to detail in the cab lifting to reveal the engine and the fire extinguisher really added to Scarlet's play where Avery didn't notice these details at all and focused on the ability to recycle with the truck and the bins.

Another big benefit I see is that this is a recycling truck, not a bin truck but it offers the same kind of play. All while also inviting the active speech around recycling and it's importance to the planet. As a household we are always working on being more eco-friendly, which I have shared a lot about on the blog. This play set lets all three children play small world games with the addition of eco-friendly choices, it actively creates good habits in how they recycle. We can add small food, tins and other items from all kinds of sets and talk about if they would be recyclable in the game, why or how they would be recycled and so much more. 

This set is great for individual play however I do think that as a whole it would have much more play value mixed in with bigger sets. We did this by using Avery's playmobil 123 playschool set along with other small world toy sets and the way they played changed immediately, there was conversations with residents of these small homes and someone even forgot to leave the recycling out. Luckily they had nice recycling workers who knocked to ask if it needed emptied! 

The playmobil worlds offer so much play value and I think the new Promo-Packs offer a unique ability to play with one of the many themes without needing extras. I think these packs will be the perfect gifts for children, if they already enjoy playmobil they will have a new additional set, if they are new to playmobil they will have a great starter set. The versatility makes them perfect and I was pleased to see that the range of sets come in a variety of price bands starting at £19.99 through to £39.99 so they can be a great gift for many budgets. I've already seen two of the other sets that I think would be a huge hit in our house, the Mars Expedition and Unicorn Carriage with Pegasus sets. You can see the whole Playmobil Promo-Pack range on their website .

The playmobil City Recycling Truck set is available at most toy stores and on the Playmobil website for £24.99.


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