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All about my year 2021

 It's now become my yearly tradition to spend at least some of New Year's Day looking back to the year we have just left behind to find the moments I want to remember for years to come. It all started back in 2017 when I was tagged by another blogger in a post that was doing the rounds. I really enjoyed taking the time to look back and share the moments from a whole year, so I continued through 2018, 2019 and of course the year when it meant even more to have good days, 2020.  

When I wrote last year's post I really thought that 2021 would be the year when life felt more normal, that we'd be leaving behind everything as we got further from 2020. That hasn't been true and I think it will continue deep into 2022 so I'm not really going to talk about that much, because I want to come back and look at this post when the days are hard and remember that even in the hardest years we had great days too. I understand that this is not the sentiment that everyone shares but it is one which I need to remember during my darkest times. 

1. What did you do for your birthday this year? 

I had another quiet Birthday this year, although we got to see some family when they came to visit. It was also the last day of term before Christmas for my two school age children so they got out early and we spent the day enjoying my birthday together. There was cake and I even got candles this year! Haha 

It was lovely and just how I prefer my birthday to be celebrated. It was the first year since starting to win competitions that I didn't manage to win on my birthday, there's always next year eh? 

2. What's the biggest thing to happen to you this year? 

I think starting to read again. It sounds so silly but actually I love reading, I always have! I read Harry Potter at age 8 when J K Rowling was still writing the original books. I adored being able to slip inside the world of books and create beautiful places from the authors description in my mind. Since having children my reading time slowly dwindled to nothing so in 2021 I decided to pick the hobby up again and I read a total of 35 books, including all the Harry Potter's again, a huge jump from my original goal of just 24! I even managed to read 11 inside one month.  

So finding my love of reading and creating some time that was solely for me in my everyday has been a real highlight from 2021

3. What was the biggest thing to happen for your child/children this year?

They each had their own big moments again this year, the biggest of course was when Scarlet started school! This year she got to do all the normal things, we take her to school and wait while she goes into class, she can take her school bag with her, unlike in nursery and she has made so many friends. I can't wait to see all the things she will learn and show us. 

For Avery the biggest moment wasn't actually one moment, it was a slow progression over a few months which all started with our Mum's and Tots group reopening after 2020. This year Avery has started talking! Which is huge for us, he really should have been talking during 2020 but he was quite a bit behind in speech. This year he just started to say words and skipped a whole bunch of stages straight to knowing words and putting 2-3 together too. He's still a little behind where he should be but he's come so far in the last few months. I love listening to him play. 

As for Dylan, this year in school Dylan has joined the choir! He has loved singing for so long now and when he came home to tell us he was in the choir he was so proud, as we had been too. He was part of various projects including a video for a local hospital. It has created such great memories for him.

4. Could you pick a favourite week of the year? 

If I had to choose I would go with the week of the big heatwave during the summer. The rest of the summer was pretty much a wash out with down pours and at the time we didn't appreciate the sunshine because it was so hot. After starting the week off with a picnic and beautiful day out enjoying the sunshine. 

We then spent days in our paddling pool which took up our entire back yard, we ordered cold milkshakes as a treat and ate ice lollies to cool down at least twice a day. 

We rounded out the week with a trip to the beach where we jumped in the waves as they crashed to the beach, wrote our names in the sand, drove cars over washed up tree branches and played games the whole train journey home. 

It was a week full of memories and one I know I'm looking forward to doing again once the sun and warmer weather shows up again. 

5. Do you have a favourite photograph of yourself from 2021?

I do, although as usual I am not the only person in the photo. Back in the spring me and Scarlet took some photos with the blossom trees on one of days out. There are three but this one is my favourite of the set. It reminds me of the great day we had and it's a nice snapshot in time. 

6. What was your best day out? 

That is a tough one, I think the best was when we took a picnic on a walk around the nature reserve. We ended up eating it on a blanket in a lane between two empty grazing fields. 

We walked around the nature reserve and stopped a few times to admire the beauty in the nature left to grow around us. I even managed to get a photo of everyone together a few times! (Well minus me)

We finished the walk by feeding the ducks on our way home, it wasn't a flashy day or one that cost very much to do. It was just a sunny day on a walk that didn't quite go as planned but turned out great anyway. 

7. What is the best film you have seen this year?

I have to go with A Boy Called Christmas, we watched it in December as one of our weekly movie nights and it was fantastic, full of the Christmas spirit and a beautiful story. If you didn't watch it this Christmas then you simply must put it on

8. Is there anything you wish didn't happen this year? 

There are probably parts of the year that I have blocked out, pieces that blended into last year and there have been moments when I didn't know if there'd be easier days again. All in all this year I have been greatful for friendships that have lasted a Pandemic, family who are always there, my children and for the people inside my social media who have kept me going during the hard times, some without even realising it. So no I don't have anything outside the whole pandemic that we all wished never began. This year I've learnt more about myself and my ability to take what I am given and get through it all. 

9. What would you like to achieve or improve for 2022?

I think my biggest downfall up to now has been trying to only share our good bits on the blog. I always feel like I should only give the great moments to remember but actually this year I learnt that sometimes my really bad times have a more profound effect on me. It's during these times I struggle with writing or sharing. In the last year I had investigations to understand why I had a period that didn't stop for over a year, I waited out the health system to find out what was wrong and have no answers, although they did figure out it was my coil and it was removed. That was only 4 months ago. So in 2022 I want to be more open, I want to share the good along with the bad and I want to share more about me, my journey through finding myself after a life of never really embracing myself and the bigger journey of being comfortable in my own body. It's a huge thing for me to do. 

 10. How will you be celebrating/did you celebrate New Years Eve?

We did what we always do, we brought in the New Year in our PJ's on the sofa with a cheeseboard and a glass of Gin (or whiskey for Simon) having paused The Big Fat Quiz of The Year half way through to watch London ring in the new year with fireworks. I also loved that drones had been included this year, maybe next year or the year after we'll ditch the fireworks altogether? I much prefer the drones and it's better for the environment. 



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