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Some great eco swaps from Ecozone new to SaveMoneyCutCarbon

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One of the things I have really enjoyed this year has been discovering new Eco-Friendly brands, many of which have been introduced to me through SaveMoneyCutCarbon. Back in January I set myself the goal of making at least one eco change a month, Fast forward 11 months and I have managed that and more with all the brands that are available on SaveMoneyCutCarbon. So of course I was excited to hear that Ecozone are now available there too! 

Ecozone is a small British brand which want to help you reduce your household co2 emissions and the toxic chemicals inside our homes. They make eco-friendly natural products that are free of synthetics, plasticisers and phosphates. Their products are approved by Allergy UK, Cruelty Free Internation, eu eco label and Vegan Society. Ecozone is a brand which has become available from SaveMoneyCutCarbon very recently and now you can make even more swaps around your home that will have great benefits for you and your family!

Inside this months Planet Positive box we received four out of the eight products available from Ecozone at SaveMoneyCutCarbon. 

These products are: 

Ecozone Pure Oxygen Laundry Power Brightening Tablets (48 tabs) - £14.95

Ecozone Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks ( 12 sticks) - £7.95

Ecozone Anti Limescale Magnoball for dishwashers and washing machines £9.95

Ecozone Biodegradable Bin Liners 60 litres (20 bin liners) - £6.95 

What is an Anti Limescale Magnoball and why would I want one? 

I'm not even going to hide the fact I asked myself this very question when  I first opened the box. However we are all very aware of what happens to products when limescale builds up, we actively try to clean out the limescale on our appliances so really it makes sense to tackle the issue head on every day. I personally live in a hard water area which is actually a pain! Our appliances are always dealing with limescale build up where water is involved. It just seems a good idea to me to see what an Anti Limescale Magnoball could do for our appliances, could they maybe last longer or perform better?

An Anti Limescale Magnoball is a small PVC rubber ball which has been specially designed with magnets which will help soften your water without the need for water softening powder or tablets. The Magnoball from Ecozone uses magnetic power to crystallize the calcium in your water while it is in your washing machine. This softens the water and means that your machine and of course your clothing are not affected by limescale. In turn this should help keep your machine running smoother and lengthen it's life since limescale build up can cause huge problems. It will certainly save you money on everything from the cost of water softening products to unexpected repair bills down the line from malfunctioning machines. The Magnoball can be used in any washing machine or dishwasher on any cycle up to 60 degrees. You do have to remember to remove the Magnoball before any dry cycle though.

I will be honest and say that I am not sure if this product has any immediate effect that is noticeable when you start using it. It's more of a long term use that will see the real difference. I kind of wish we had known about this Magnoball before because I am sure some of our washing machine issues have been down to limescale that has built up! Hopefully that won't be an issue anymore. Just by popping this ball into our washes. 

The Anti Limescale Magnoball lasts for 5 years and is available from SaveMoneyCutCarbon for just £9.95 which is around the average cost of one big packet of water softening tablets/ powder! So your going to start saving money pretty quickly, plus you won't be pumping chemicals into your machine to soften the water anymore. It's a win-win.

How can Ecozone help me reduce the carbon footprint of my rubbish?

We often talk about how we can reduce our rubbish that goes to landfill by recycling, reusing or simply making swaps to cut out plastic products. However one change that could cut out thousands and thousands of plastic bags ending up in landfill every day around the world is often never mentioned, a biodegradable bin bag. 

The world has had the technology to make biodegradable bags for a long time now, they are used all over the UK for our food waste recycling systems, they now line shelves in shops all over the UK and are available so easily. The same however can not be said for biodegradable bin bags, when I first started looking into swapping our bin bags I was shocked to find out there's so few options. So I was delighted to learn that the new brand available on SaveMoneyCutCarbon had another type of bin liner available that is biodegradable. 

I did include another brand of bin liners in my last post which we have liked but the Ecozone biodegradable bin liners are a bit different. They come in two sizes of 30L and 60L, the bags are white which is helpful when you have children who help around the house or a partner who just grabs the bag rolls according to colour, we've had a few incidents where our food recycling bags have been brought in instead of the bin liners we had been using. However one of the biggest differences that I love about the Ecozone bin liners is that they are thicker, they are made of a much more sturdy material and they would withstand more that the soft everyday rubbish around a home. I an find myself reaching for these bags when it comes time to have a good clear out of stuff that's sat around, half used, broken or that just can't be recycled but is bulky and has odd edges. These bags are perfect for that as well as the daily use of bin liners in every home. 

The biggest perk of using Ecozone Biodegradable Bin Liners in my eyes is that we aren't wasting single use plastic to ditch our rubbish anymore. If only using biodegradable bin liners was the normal standard of practice we could ditch some of the single use plastic ditched into landfill every single day. It seems so sensible to reduce your plastic waste by not putting your rubbish in plastic, doesn't it? Yet its rarely even talked about. 

If you only take away one swap from reading this post, let it be this one because this swap can be the difference between your rubbish degrading as it should in landfill or being covered in plastic that will take 100 years to break down. SaveMoneyCutCarbon can even make sure you don't have to think about picking up more if your a HomeClub Member!

Ecozone can help keep your drain clear!

One of  my most hated jobs around my home is cleaning our drains, I don't remember often enough to do it. It's really messy and usually it leaves the room smelling of vinegar for several hours after. It's the type of job I avoid for as long as I can. 

Which is why I was really excited to find Ecozone Drain Cleaning Sticks in this months Planet Positive Box. They come in a packet of 12 and you just need to drop one of the sticks down your drain once a month, so you have a years supply for one sink in a pack. The drain cleaning sticks work by breaking down anything that gets stuck in your pipes and drains using enzymes and natural bacteria. You can use them in any sink with a U bend in it. 

I have to say that I was really hoping these would be the answer I was looking for to help me combat my drains and pipe upkeep. However this is probably the only product from SaveMoneyCutCarbon that I have been really disappointed with. When I opened the pack most of the sticks had been pummelled to dust (I am assuming this was due to delivery to Northern Ireland). I couldn't lift most sticks although I did try as you can see above. 

That being said we haven't had any issues, smells or needed to clean the drains in our sinks this month so they do work and had the sticks been intact enough to drop down into our drains we would use them regularly because they sound perfect. I unfortunately won't be keeping up with this change after the remaining 4 sticks are used up, if you do live in the mainland UK I think these would arrive in a much better condition and be more practical to use since they don't have to survive air or sea travel to reach you! 

Brighten up your clothing without the need for chemicals

Keeping clothes stain free is one of the hardest tasks that comes with the cleaning side of being a parent. There are just so many stains that come with daily parenting life, chocolate covered handprints, strawberry juice, orange juice, tomato based sauce stains and so, so much more. Finding a good product to get most stains out is a literal clothes saver! The down side is that usually the products that do this well are choked full of chemicals and as parents you never feel good about putting chemicals into your child's clothing when it is so close to their skin. 

Ecozone have the answer! They have both a colour brightening and a bright whitener version of their laundry tablets. We received the colour brightening laundry tablets from Ecozone in our Planet Positive box and they are perfect for our family life. They are chlorine and optical brightener free thanks to their natural oxygen based formula and they come in completely plastic free packaging!

Using them is super easy you just take a tablet out of the box leaving the outer wrapping on and pop it in the machine with your clothing! Run your normal wash cycle and be amazed by the results. We've noticed a great difference in our clothing since starting to use the Ecozone Power Brightening Pure Oxygen Tablets, they remove stains on all our clothing including the coloured washes which are plentiful in a house with 3 children. I know this will be one of our regular swaps from now on because I know that it's helping me to ditch at least one big tub of plastic every single month! 

Just like with everything else in this post these are available from SaveMoneyCutCarbon where you can have them delivered straight to your door.

What change do you think would work best in your house?


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