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Get rewarded for shopping more Eco-friendly with SaveMoneyCutCarbon's PlanetPoints {with Giveaway}

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When it comes to shopping, especially for essentials I always check if the shop offers any benefits for customers. Most of the time shops will have their own Loyalty schemes which you can sign up for with just a few details. On a rare occasion they will have an additional service available just like SaveMoneyCutCarbon's Home Club which has many benefits but is exclusive for those members. I shared earlier in the year about all the benefits Home Club offers it's members. However it's very different to a normal Loyalty Scheme which is why I was absolutely delighted to hear that this month is the launch of SaveMoneyCutCarbon's own Loyalty Reward Scheme which will be available to all their customers!

What is a loyalty scheme?

I've said the words loyalty scheme quite a lot already in this post, so I'm starting with explaining the basics behind a loyalty or reward scheme for anyone who doesn't know. When you shop with a retailer they will often have a scheme to reward their loyal customers, sometimes this is heavily promoted and even mentioned at the till upon checkout, other times it's not. Signing up to the scheme is usually easy and just requires your email address, name and a few details like your date of birth, or you may need an online account on their site. Once signed up you will get a reward card, use your email to input a code from your receipt online or sign in to your account to get the benefits while you shop. 

Each retailer usually has their own system of points or they offer certain benefits like savings when you shop, free delivery etc. The most common that we have found and use regularly while shopping is points systems. A point system will give you a certain amount of points for every pound you spend with the retailer. The points are exchanged and will be able to be used to give you money off products you buy in the future. There are of course differences between retailers and there will be rules around purchases using points unique to each.

However loyalty reward schemes always have a benefit for the customer, which usually centres around saving you some money while you shop. 

What is SaveMoneyCutCarbon's Planet Points?

Planet Points are brand new to SaveMoneyCutCarbon and they are a benefit that all their customers can benefit from. The Planet Points are of course a Points based loyalty rewards Scheme that has been introduced this September to give customers an added benefit to shopping more eco-friendly with SaveMoneyCutCarbon. 

To start benefiting from Planet Points while you shop you need to sign up for a SaveMoneyCutCarbon account on their site. The sign up process is really quick and easy. Once signed up you can use your email and password to sign in before you check out and you will automatically get planet points. 

How many Planet Points do you earn?

When you shop on SaveMoneyCutCarbon you will now earn Planet Points, normal customers will earn one point for every pound you spend. While HomeClub members will earn two points for every pound you spend on the site. 

Your Planet Points all add up, each one is equal to 1p. Which doesn't sound like much but when your purchasing regularly to get the eco-friendly products you love, it will start equalling larger amounts before you know it. The Planet Points you earn will stay in your account until your ready to use them. 

You will also have the opportunity to earn more Planet Points every once in a while if you are signed up to (and read) SaveMoneyCutCrabon's email newsletter or you keep an eye on their social media. So you'll get benefits even when you're not ordering!

I'm ready to spend my Planet Points, how do I do it?

Once you've saved up your Planet Points you can choose any product on the SaveMoneyCutCarbon site to purchase. To use your points you just add your item (or items) to your basket and press the button to apply points. You can see the button above in the images from my order purchase which was done entirely with the new Planet Points system. It really is that simple and the button will be there for you as long as you have Planet Points to spend.

You are able to spend smaller amounts of points on any order to give you some savings or save them up and get a product(s) covered completely by Planet Points, the perfect reason to try a new eco swap you've had on your list that is just out of your budget or something you've just discovered. 

If your wanting to make a big order but only use your points on some of the order, you can. Add the items you want to use your Planet Points with (if you have more points than the item costs) and apply your points in checkout then continue shopping and your items will add on to your cart without using any more of your Planet Points. I personally love this benefit as I often save up points on our loyalty reward schemes for particular times of year like Christmas and will purchase extra things around that time with normal orders using the points when we need them. 

As you can see the Planet Points from SaveMoneyCutCarbon offer you full control of your own loyalty points use and give you a reward for being more eco-friendly and shopping responsibly to help the planet. I think that is a win all round. 

What would my Planet Points look like if I just purchased my normal products? 

As I mentioned I got to purchase my own products for this month Planet Positive box. It mainly focused on products I've loved so far from SaveMoneyCutCarbon but also had 2-3 new products which I wanted to try. So I thought it would be good to show you how many points I would have got for the products (if I hadn't used Planet Points to make the order).  Below you will see the products numbered in the photo, these numbers are listed underneath with the names, links, costs and Points information. 

Do take note that I am a HomeClub member so I have shown this for both HomeClub and non HomeClub members separately. Also since planet points are added up at check out your whole order total will be used to determine your points total. I have added this information underneath for my order too. This will only be your total if you purchased the same order as mine. 

For Non Home Club Members: 
  1. Waste Not Compostable Waste Sack 10 pack (x2) - £2.85 each - 2 Planet Points each
  2. Stasher Bag Sandwich Bag in Rose - £12.00 - 12 Planet Points
  3. Soda Stream My Only Bottle in Pink Blush - £11.95 - 11 Planet Points 
  4. The Cheeky Panda Biodegradable Bamboo Handy Wipes 6 pack - £8.95 - 8 Planet Points 
  5. ecoLiving Wooden Dish Head - £2.25 - 2 Planet Points
  6. Patch Biodegradable Bamboo Plasters - £6.95 - 6 Planet Points
  7. Soda Stream Syrup Classics Cola Drink Mix - £4.95 - 4 Planet Points
  8. Rainbow Compostable Sponge Cloths 4 pack - £4.00 - 4 Planet Points 
Total: £ 56.55 - 56 Planet Points

For Home Club Members 
Includes reduced prices exclusive to HomeClub Members. 
  1. Waste Not Compostable Waste Sack 10 pack (x2) - £2.45 each - 4 Planet Points each
  2. Stasher Bag Sandwich Bag in Rose - £7.92 - 14 Planet Points
  3. Soda Stream My Only Bottle in Pink Blush - £9.10 - 18 Planet Points 
  4. The Cheeky Panda Biodegradable Bamboo Handy Wipes 6 pack - £6.95 - 12 Planet Points 
  5. ecoLiving Wooden Dish Head - £2.01 - 4 Planet Points
  6. Patch Biodegradable Bamboo Plasters - £6.08 - 12 Planet Points
  7. Soda Stream Syrup Classics Cola Drink Mix - £3.71 - 6 Planet Points
  8. Rainbow Compostable Sponge Cloths 4 pack - £3.60 - 6 Planet Points 
Total: 44.27 - 88 Planet Points

What I think about SaveMoneyCutCarbon's Planet Points

I have already made it clear that I am a fan and regular user of loyalty reward schemes in general, they are great if you do regularly shop at that retailer. So of course I love that SaveMoneyCutCarbon have started Planet Points, the scheme offers a benefit that will reward customers. I particularly love the Planet Points more than some of the reward schemes other shops offer as it benefits you and the planet too. SaveMoneyCutCarbon have said they hope the scheme will encourage people to use the points to make even more positive changes in their habits. Which of course is a great idea, being able to use a new product without the whole cost of the initial outlay is a huge benefit. The bigger outlay is always a negative that comes up when we talk about eco alternatives and this can help combat that. 

I also really like that the Planet Points from SaveMoneyCutCarbon puts you in control of how you use your points. You not only have the option of saving up your points and using them to purchase products but you can also use them as money off your order. This is a benefit we don't really see in reward schemes so it's really great SaveMoneyCutCarbon have made that possible, sometimes the difference between something fitting in your budget or not can be a few pounds so Planet Points could save the day. 

One of my favourite perks is that Planet Points means I am being rewarded for making eco-friendly choices. In my order I got a second Sandwich bag size of Stasher Bag which I got in the rose colour, we needed a second one so both my children can take packed lunches now that school is back on. It made me realise how much we will regularly buy the products we love again and now we will save even more on the purchases. 

What do you think of Planet Points from SaveMoneyCutCarbon? 
Let me know in the comments below. 

The Giveaway

When I was placing the order for this months Planet Positive Box I wanted to add something into the order that I could offer to you as a giveaway. I love a giveaway and we have previously discovered some of our favourite products from something I have won, like my Soda Stream machine which I got a few things for this month from SaveMoneyCutCarbon. 

So I decided that was what I wanted to offer one of our readers, choosing a product we loved and that would be a great eco-swap for almost anyone was actually really easy. I knew immediately I wanted to giveaway a pack of Patch Biodegradable Bamboo Plasters. We got these in our August Planet Positive box and I love them! They are honestly amazing and a must have for every household. 
When I placed the order I also noticed that The Cheeky Panda Biodegradable Bamboo Handy Wipes are only available from a 6 pack or more, I really only needed one or two packs as that would last us through the end of the year. I did consider not ordering them as they would most likely dry out before we used all 6, instead I thought it would be good to add the extra 4 packs on to the giveaway prize as we have found them really handy to have in our Grab and Go bag over the summer. 

So you will be able to enter to win one pack of Patch Biodegradable Bamboo Plasters and four packs of The Cheeky Panda Biodegradable Bamboo Handy Wipes using the Gleam widget below. Good Luck!

Please read the terms and conditions below:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Entrants must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Competition is open to UK residents only.
  • The giveaway is open from 28/09/2021 and will run to 27/09/2021 at 11.59pm GMT.
  • Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  • The winners will be selected at random from all the correct entries received before the closing date and time.
  • All prizes must be accepted as offered. There can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise. 
  • There will be one winner.
  • The winner will have 30 days to respond to claim the prize. Failure to claim will result in a redraw. 

Win Patch Bamboo Plasters and 4 packs of The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Handy Wipes


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