Thursday, 30 September 2021

Coloured Worlds - Our Ordinary Moments

 It's been a while now since I shared one the Our Ordinary Moments posts. I'd always intended to share this post weekly but sometimes like just kind of gets in the way. Recently we've been ill, Scarlet picked it up from school and since it's made its way round the house. So we've not actually done anything or been anywhere in over a week now!

We did however head out just before everyone got ill and we had gone to visit somewhere new. It was a request after they'd been learning and talking about cities in school. We'd been asked to go visit somewhere new and if you know us or even just read the blog regularly then you know we've been most places that are child friendly here. Instead we decided to go see something cool! We are really lucky that Belfast has a huge array of architecture and art built into the buildings around the city. 

One of those amazing pieces of architecture is The Computer Sciences Building for Queens University, the whole buildings front section is covered in these long thin coloured glass panels and I think you will agree, the effect is stunning! 

We had intended to come and get a good close up view of the panels and walk around exploring a little. I knew I wanted to take a photo of the children with the building as the backdrop because seriously it looks so cool. 

Within minutes the exploring around had turned into a game of coloured worlds, each glass panel was a portal into another world and standing behind it took you there! Never would I have imagined up the fun my three children created simply using the glass panels attached to a building. 

The glass panels also created a beautiful effect when we took photos, so when they played the coloured worlds game I took some photos of them behind the glass panels. Which I absolutely love, they are very unique and we'd never have found all the colours of glass to create this effect elsewhere. 

I have no doubt they will request to visit the coloured glass building again. It's also opened up a whole new perspective on what we can do to make our exploring more exciting. I've realised that we don't need to only go to places that are for children. We can explore and visit the various unique buildings and places of our city too. Which opens up a literal (and imaginary) new world to discover. 

Have you got a really unique building or place in your town or city that you love to visit?


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