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7 Eco Swaps You Never Knew your Bathroom Needed from SaveMoneyCutCarbon (AD)

(AD - This post features gifted items. All thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.)

Of all the places where you can make eco conscious changes I think the bathroom is one of the hardest, most things in the bathroom involve our skin. Which if your like me involves sensitive skin and a whole host of worries about reactions. However, many people don't realise just how many other bathroom products can be made more eco-friendly.

Which is part of the reason why I have been so excited for August's Planet Positive box. (I am a little late posting this one) We're now way past half way through the year and I can honestly say that our SaveMoneyCutCarbon boxes always inspire and surprise me with their contents. This box was certainly no different and made me aware of products I didn't know would help make an environmental impact, along with some switches we regularly use too. So I am going to be sharing 7 swaps you and your bathroom will love. 

Serious Tissues Toilet Paper 

One of the most use pieces in any bathroom is toilet paper, it's probably one of the areas where your ditching a lot of plastic packaging too! Which is why swapping over to serious Tissues Toilet Paper will help you leave the plastic behind. 

This toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper, you know all that paper you put in your recycling box? Well Serious Tissues have recycled some of our waste into a new product that benefits the environment by being biodegradable and completely plastic free. In fact they've even left our all the perfumes, chemicals and dyes too. Giving you a product you can trust

Each roll of Serious Tissues Toilet Paper contains 280 sheets and comes in a cardboard box pack of 36! This means your leaving the plastic behind and you don't have to remember to grab Toilet Paper every time you shop. Plus this is a product that benefits from SaveMoneyCutCarbon's regular, reliable deliveries, get them delivered as often as you need without having to remember to place your order again. 

A 36 pack of Serious Tissues Toilet Paper is £30 from SaveMoneyCutCarbon and has extra Savings of £5 for all Home Club Members! 

Non Plastic Beach Bamboo Toothbrushes 

I've talked about ditching plastic toothbrushes before but there are shocking statistics surrounding the use of plastic toothbrushes. Which is why it's honestly one of the best swaps we made, it was also one of the first. Now with a few years experience I thought I wouldn't be surprised by the Bamboo toothbrushes by Non Plastic beach, I of course was wrong! 

The bamboo brushes from Non Plastic Beach is made of Bamboo and BPA free Nylon bristle, which match it's coloured bottom, yes it contains plastic. There is a reason for that, this brush is vegan friendly, so everyone can use it and the bristles are really soft. The bamboo and bristle  are recycled separately when your replacing your brush. They can go in your green compost waste or your wood recycling.

However the biggest plus for me and my family with the Non Plastic Beach Bamboo Toothbrushes is the shape! As I said we've been using bamboo brushes for a good few years now and this handle shape is my favourite. I love it! The rounded shape feels more natural and comfortable in the hand, it also offers a better grip for smaller children. The shape plus the coloured bottom section is cute but also functional in protecting the end of the brush if you use a brush holder in a pot style. This means the bamboo itself stays dry and doesn't change colour or expand on the end which is a problem we've had before. 

The final perks of the Non Plastic Beach Bamboo Brushes is that they are available in adult and child sizes, which is another game changer with small children. I especially love that they come in a family pack of 2 adult sizes and 2 child sizes.

The family pack of Non Plastic Beach Bamboo Brushes is £12.52 and the single brushes are £3.50 plus they are also eligible for SaveMoneyCutCarbon's Regular, Reliable Deliveries so every 3 months you will have new brushes without having to remember. 

Metal Tube Squeezer by SaveMoneyCutCarbon

I have had a Metal Tube Squeezer by SaveMoneyCutCarbon on my must buy list for much longer than I care to admit. It is a must have for every household, We've had one before but I don't know what happened to it. However they are genius. 

To use a Metal Tube Squeezer you place the end of a tube between the two prongs and roll the tube around them. This creates a perfect holding place for getting everything you can out of your tube, which saves you money, makes your products last longer and helps the environment since your not using as many plastic tubes. 

What I really love about this is how versatile it is, you only need one as it can easily be swapped to other tubes. We mostly use it for our toothpaste but I have used it to get out everything from the last of my moisturiser to helping me use the end of the tomato paste for homemade pizza!

DryPlanet Save a Flush Water displacement bag

Have you ever heard of DryPlanet Save A Flush Water Displacement Bags? I hadn't and I was astonished to know that this little product could help us reduce our water usage when flushing the toilet. It will actually help you save thousands of litres of water every year, thousands! This is because the Water Displacement Bag will reduce your flush by one whole litre every time, which will help you to save around 13 litres every day. 

It is made possible by it's design, A save a flush bag contains an environmentally safe and non toxic polymer which is called Potassium Polyacrylamid. This polymer is really absorbent and it will expand to create an area in your cistern which will reduce the volume of water needed to flush your toilet. The polymer will naturally biodegrade to nothing over it's several years of use so you will need to replace it eventually. 

Now you may think this would reduce your toilets flushing power but it's made for toilets with over 7 litres cistern capacity so really your flush won't be affected, ours certainly wasn't. This swap is one which will be really easy to do because you simply forget about it and the environment still benefits.

Bambaw Reusable Make-up Remover Pads

The most under rated swap is Make-up remover pads, using flimsy, scratchy, disposable cotton pads to remove your make-up is not only uncomfortable but it also takes forever. Which if you do it every single day will quickly add up. Making the switch to a reusable option will always have benefits. 

I will admit that Bambaw has been another personal favourite, I already switched to reusable pads this year (that post is coming up soon) but I use them for much more than just make up removal. I love the Bambaw Reusable Make-up Remover pads because they are both absorbent and soft on the skin. Plus these pads allow you to easily push the liquid back out, which makes them perfect for your skincare routine. I love how well my toner, eye creams etc all sit on these pads, they are very relaxing for eye cooling gels in particular as they can simply be placed on the eye and folded in half afterward to remove the gels or product used. I'm sure you could even use these to help remove things like nail polish although I would recommend keeping those pads separately from ones used on your face. 

A must have for all make-up and skincare users. Inside the pack from SaveMoneyCutCarbon you get 12 soft pads which are perfect for the sensitive areas of the face, 4 terry cloth pads that are ideal for exfoliating or more stubborn scrubbing. You also get a net wash bag to keep them safe in the washing machine. The pads themselves are made with both bamboo and cotton. The great news is they are really easy to clean, simply put them in their wash bag after use and wash when ready. I do mine once a week. 
You can get your own Bambaw Reusable Make-up Remover Pads for £11.30 from SaveMoneyCutCarbon. 

Non Plastic Beach Bamboo Cotton Buds

So we have all seen the viral photo taken of a little baby seahorse carrying a plastic cotton bud along in the ocean by Justin Hofman. It's a shocking and sad reminder of how our use of a product continues to affect the creates of our world for much longer. Which is why I think if you only decide to make one change that you have seen from this post for your bathroom, choose this one. 

Non Plastic Beach Bamboo cotton buds are  made with bamboo sticks which means they are completely recyclable or compostable. They will return to the earth and not cause harm to any creatures when they do so. Plus they are strong, you won't need to worry about bent tubes of plastic in cheap cotton buds. In fact they even come in a lovely card box which is practical and looks lovely on your bathroom shelves at the same time. 

We actually don't use cotton buds as a beauty or health care product, we mostly use them for cleaning so knowing we can ditch the plastic while still cleaning our the seals in products. They are also super handy for cleaning keyboards, as you see above that's a regular use for us. 

They even come at the perfect price of £3 for a box of 200 Non Plastic Beach Bamboo Cotton Buds

Patch Bamboo Plasters 

Another product we traditionally just use without thought is plasters. Something you may not know about plasters is that about 25% of people are sensitive to the chemicals and materials used inside them. There are even those who are allergic and rendered unable to use them at all. However Patch Bamboo Plaster will solve all those problems! 

Patch Bamboo Plasters are a bamboo based plaster that is hypoallergenic, that means these plasters are natural, allergy free and they are sustainable too. You can leave behind all the nasties with this product too because Patch Bamboo Plasters are free from parabens, sulphates, latex, plastic and even merthiolate. 

You will be surprised to know that unlike traditional plasters these bamboo plasters from Patch are certified as a class one Sterile Medical Device and they help to treat injuries and ailments to promote healing. So they even succeed the ability of the traditional plaster while helping save the planet.

I particularly love how soft they feel when on your skin, we've used these several times during August and am still surprised every single time. They also come in a lovely round tube that has a removable lid, it means they are perfect for popping into a bag without them spilling everywhere! 

You can pick up a pack of Patch Bamboo Plasters for £6.75 

Let's talk favourites and why!

Now that we've reached the end of the 7 bathroom swaps you need to add to your bathroom I wanted to talk about my personal favourites. It's a hard choice because this month I have not found even one product we don't get along with or enjoy, even ones we don't use often are wonderful. However I do have two favourites which are right up near the top of my favourite swaps for the whole year!  

The first of which is the Bambaw Reusable Make-up Pads, they are so versatile and it feels much more enjoyable to do my skincare routine using these compared to the disposable ones I've now ditched. I think it helps to make the whole experience feel more luxurious and less like a chore I must remember to do every night. 

The other favourite from this months SaveMoneyCutCarbon Planet Positive box is the Patch Bamboo Plasters, I will be honest with you, this is a swap I had on my list, they have actually been in my online basket for 2 months before this box. I just couldn't decide if they would be worth the cost because our usual plasters cost half this and they aren't a reusable product.

 However I am completely converted now! They may cost twice as much but even when my children have running around on beaches, in the sea and doing everyday summer things with these plasters on, they have lasted! We only had to change one of the plasters before it was time to remove it altogether and that was after an entire day in our pool. 

The feel and look of the Patch Bamboo Plasters is really good, they blend into the skins appearance (a perk for us adults) while being soft and flexible (a bigger perk for little ones) so there is comfort all around. After a whole summer month we have use 5 plasters and normally we'd have used at least 4-6 times that with any other plasters from falling off daily. These will now be our go to brand. 

Reminder: If you are a SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home Club member you can get all the products featured in this post at an even better price thanks to their home club discounts! 


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