Monday, 30 August 2021

The end to summer {Our Ordinary Moments}


This last week has really signified our end to summer, although Dylan has been back to school for almost two weeks now. This week was Scarlet's first day at school and so our summer has officially ended with school resumed (somewhat) and life already starting to find a familiar routine again. I decided not to use this week's ordinary moments to share about starting school because it's a big moment, one which will have its own post sometime in the next week or two which will mean I can share lots more about it for both Dylan and for Scarlet on her first day ever at school! 

With both bigger children in school this week was also the time for mine and Simon's annual first day coffee date. We started this tradition when Dylan first started nursery, he was in for an hour and it seemed pointless to go all the way home, sit for 20 minutes and go back. Instead we enjoyed a nice coffee outside in the last days of summer time. The following year we did it again, with a little baby Scarlet in her pram. Now it's been 6 years and every first day we find a coffee shop to enjoy the beginning of the school year and just talk, because it's been a whole summer without time to just sit and talk without several little people wanting conversations too. 

This year of course is also going to be our last yearly coffee date which involves Avery being with us because next year he'll be off to nursery! He got to enjoy his Babychino and cookie from Starbucks which he happily sat eating until it was time to go. I think he enjoyed being the only one around again too. 

This week also held the only thing we'd not managed to do from the children's summer days out list, which was going to watch The Paw Patrol Movie. I honestly think this has been Avery's absolute favourite outing this summer as he is a huge Paw Patrol fan now!  I can't believe it took us so long, we've had this one on our list since the trailer released but we waited for a time when the cinema would be very empty and not near the opening. Turns out we left it right until the final week to do it! 

Which of course had to be followed up be donuts on the way home, along with the most rubbish cup of coffee I think I've ever had. It was such a shame as we usually love their coffee. This time however it was totally undrinkable. Ah well! The donut on the other hand had been perfectly delicious and fueled our walk home. 

How was your week? 

Did you do anything exciting? 


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