Monday, 21 June 2021

Find your green fingers this summer with the help of SaveMoneyCutCarbon

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The last few years having plants have been so in trend and if your anything like me when it comes to gardening then your probably feeling pretty left behind. I don't have green fingers, at all in fact this year I have caused 2 succulents to wither up! However I am determined (and nagged by my children) to grow something beautiful and add some green into our lives. 

Which I had never expected to come in the form of a package from SaveMoneyCutCarbon. Here we are and I'm sure your wondering how they can can help you find your green fingers even if your terrible with plants like me. The answer is found in the SaveMoneyCutCarbon's Garden & Outdoors section on their site, in the form of Seedbom's.

What is a Seedbom? 

A Seedbom is a sustainable way to plant flowers in your garden that is not only great for the environment but so easy even children can get involved in the fun! The Seedbom is made up of a compostable, starch based outer shell which comes with a cardboard sleeve with all the directions you need wrapped around it and plug top which is stuck on. The plug is easily removed to access the area inside the Seedbom where the seeds and organic compost is stored. Since the Seedbom is compostable the whole shell will degrade away and leave only beautiful flowers growing. 

There is a whole range of Seedbom's available to brighten your garden with coloured flowers that attract different kinds of animals or even some inspired by children's story books. As you can see we got the Pollinator Power Seedbomb Gift Set which includes four of the Seedbom's which are Pollinator Beebom, Urban Bomber, Featherbom and the Butterflybom.

How do you use Seedbom's?

The process of using a Seedbom is super easy, the hardest part was deciding which two out of the four we wanted to plant! To get started you remove the outer cardboard sleeve, give the Seedbom a really good shake, pop off the little plug by removing the sticker tabs and taking it out. Then you need to soak it, for 5 minutes without letting the seeds escape. Just hold the Seedbom in water until its soft on both the inside and outside. 

The final step is to pull open your Seedbom and place it down on your soil. Ideally you should do this on the ground soil or in a round pot. We wanted to use these planters that we already had so I simply broke the Seedbom into some smaller pieces and spread them along the planter to give it all the space the plants need to bloom. 

Now you just have to water it and keep it in a place with direct sunlight for around 6 weeks. We planted ours about 3 weeks ago now and we have been so pleased to see them growing! In fact I noticed just this morning that we have tiny little white buds shooting up on one of our planters now. The children are all so excited to see what grows from our Seedbom's.

Why should I use a Seedbom?

It is still the perfect time of year to plant Seedbom's to bloom in late summer and with SaveMoneyCutCarbon you can get them delivered right to your door ready for you to plant in your garden. They are great for those who struggle to find their green fingers, don't find gardening easy or for a nice summer project with your children. 

I really loved that all of my children could get involved, even the 2 year old! We learnt about plants, why flowers are so important for insects and so much more just by spending time planting our Seedbom's. They are currently asking questions about the buds, how they will grow into flowers and what we think they might smell like. Which are all big important new experiences which will help them understand and look after the world around them as they grow.


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