Monday, 14 June 2021

Birthday celebrations {Our Ordinary Moments}

 I don't share Our Ordinary Moments every week, some weeks I don't take many photos at all. Then other weeks I take hundreds. I'm not going to get in the habit of trying to take photos just for this weekly post as I want this to be more of a way to look back on our normal, everyday lives, documenting the good times and the slow weeks too. 

This week however has been a big week! This last weekend Scarlet turned 4. I'm in shock that she's grown so much and been here with us for 4 whole years. 

We have spent the week preparing everything for the big day, long evening spent wrapping presents, planning food, shopping, baking cake, getting her birthday photo shot all set up done for this year! Which I'll be sharing more about later in the week. We needed everything to be done so that the weekend could be spent enjoying her day together. 

She was so happy to have us all around her and joining in her excitement throughout the whole day. Every moment from present opening to playing hide and seek involved smiles and fun. 

She fell in love with her two new dolls that are from the Design a Friend range. She has had tea parties, danced, changed their clothes and they even had to join in our movie night! You can see her with the SiSi doll above.

This week I have also realized that each of the three children are at a unique year, Dylan is 8, Scarlet is half his age at 4 and Avery is half of her age at 2! This will only ever happen this year but it somehow makes me feel like they are all growing up so, so fast! 

How do you normally celebrate birthdays in your house?


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