Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Busy weeks full of sun { Our Ordinary Moments }

 I haven't been sharing our ordinary moments lately, not because we haven't had much to share but because life has been busy, school starting back has made life busier, our days at home are enjoyed more and we're making an effort to get outside more. It all adds up and time for sitting down to write becomes limited to very late nights or juggling a toddler and typing. I'm trying to get myself back into the flow by typically cramming a whole post into the 10 minutes I get to enjoy my morning coffee! 

Last week was honestly the busiest we've been in a while! We started the week with a entire house clean, we wanted to be on top of housework since my mum would be around for the whole week and being able to drop everything and spend time with her was going to be a priority, it's the first time we've had someone they can spend real time with in almost a year. Actually since the last time we saw her! 

The rest of the week was spent preparing for Avery's birthday, baking together and of course all the celebrating that goes along with it. I will be sharing more about Avery turning 2 during the week. 

We also managed a morning park trip to one of the favourite parks for my three, we rarely go as it gets very busy in the afternoon and becomes a bit of a nightmare to keep track of three children when they are all different ages. They loved getting to roam around pretty much as they pleased and I can see early park trips becoming our thing this summer. 

How was your week and your bank holiday? 


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