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Changing up cooking with Stasher bags from SaveMoneyCutCarbon {Review}

 * AD - The items featured have been gifted for an honest review. *

*All thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own. *

The kitchen is one of the biggest areas that cause waste in any house. There is waste everywhere in various forms which means it's a great place to cut down on the waste we don't really need. This month I am working with SaveMoneyCutCarbon to explore Stasher Bags to help cut down on kitchen waste in different ways.

I am sure you are asking yourself 'what is a Stasher Bag?' well they are a range of silicone bags designed to cover lots of jobs that we commonly have single use waste from. Stasher bags are a self sealing bag made from platinum silicone which won't degrade over time. Making them a great replacement for various kitchen stapes that end up in the bin after one or two uses. 

Another very important feature is that all the Stasher bags are food safe, they have met the US, Canadian and EU food safety standards which include any dyes use in the bags to give some their bright colours! Not only are they food safe, they are free from BPA, BPS, latex, lead and phthalates. You can add them into your kitchen without having to worry about how many times they are used, when they will need replaced or that they contain something you shouldn't be using with food. 

All of the Stasher bags have a very unique set of uses, they are all dishwasher and microwave safe, they are oven safe up to 200oC and can be use for Sous Vide up to 200oC. They can also be used in the fridge and the freezer to store food. They can be used for a whole host of uses from cooking and storing food to holding beauty items.

Stasher Bags come in many sizes, shapes and even some colours , as you can see above. Each size and shape has more than one purpose and use. I am going to start with the smallest bag we received in our box from SaveMoneyCutCarbon and work my way up to the biggest. 

The smallest bag we received isn't actually the smallest stasher bag available, that is the pocket bag which holds 45ml. We did get the net size up which is the Stasher snack bag, it can hold an impressive 290ml and is the perfect size for snacks when your on the go. However it has many more uses, we have used it to store blueberries in our fridge when their punnet broke. The Stasher Snack bag was just the right size to fit all the blueberries inside and saved a whole lot of room in our fridge too! 

The uses don't end with food, I have even tested out a great little hack from SaveMoneyCutCarbon. You see the Snack Stasher Bag is the perfect size to fit your phone inside, if like me you have a phone that isn't waterproof then this is great news. I am a mum of three children, who I am more often than not, the sole carer for when we are out on day trips. When we go to places near water I am regularly having to run off after my children without thinking about where my phone is, I've had several close calls with the ocean last summer when I remembered just in time! The prospect of being able to take snacks in our stasher bag to the beach and wipe out the inside when the snacks are gone to protect my phone is one I am rather excited about! Plus it will even keep the sand at bay.

The next size up in the Stasher range is their Sandwich Stasher bags, which hold 445ml and comes in three colour options, clear, aqua and rose. While I could show you a simple sandwich inside this bag they have many more uses than being for a sandwich. I found that this was just the right size for two portions of chicken to marinade in the fridge before being cooked in the oven. 

Taking another step up in the sizes you get to the Stand Up Stasher Bag which can hold 1.6 litres and is designed with deeper bottom to help it stand up. This bag is perfect for cooking with for families or for storing food inside. I have mostly used it along with the Sandwich Bag for cooking in the oven with. As you can see I was able to fit a good few portions of chicken inside while adding enough peppers into the bag. There was still plenty of room for cooking or adding more in.

 The Stasher Bags can be closed using their Pinch Lock seal to go in the fridge and once the marinade has done it's work you need to unseal the bags, put them in an oven tray and they can go in the oven. I put both bags in together, I did realise after a short time that they needed to be facing the other edges of the tray so they didn't lean on each other. Otherwise it went really smoothly! 

I've added in a photo to show the after cooking and the meal that was part of the result from the cooking with both Stasher Bags. I think the only down side to cooking with the stasher bags in the oven is that they do discolour depending on what you use in them. I was expecting discolouring as I used a yellow satay marinade with one set of chicken and it has stuck around, the other marinade I used didn't discolour nearly as much. It won't however effect the use at all.

I did also use this Stand Up Stasher Bag to store left over portions of pasta in our fridge for 2 days while we made our way through them for easy lunches over Easter. It was really handy to be able to see what was inside and not to have to bother with the lids of containers, I also discovered after this that you can write on the bags! I will certainly be doing that with leftovers from now on using a whiteboard marker. What a handy hack for storing left overs. 

The biggest and final Stasher Bag is the Half Gallon Bag which holds 1.9 litres. This bag has not been used for food in any way in our house, it can of course be used for food but we've had fun playing with this one instead. We first used it to create a water sensory bag for Avery to play with, we've all seen the Instagram posts with children playing with small toys, glitter and coloured water, if your attempt ever went anything like mine the whole house got covered in water! With the Pinch Lock Seal on Stasher Bags you can let your little one enjoy the fun of a sensory bag without fear of it popping. We put some small toys inside our bag along with some water and yellow food colouring. Avery loved getting to splat, play and put it on his head before letting go and watching it plop down on his high chair.  Although I do advise not looking away so they get the opportunity to sit on it, like Avery did.

We also found the the Half Gallon Stasher Bag is perfect for fitting an A5 piece of paper inside. Which brings up the other baby safe play, Stasher Bag art! Honestly all my children are now asking to make their own version with different colours. You just pop a piece of paper in the bag, add several dots or blobs of child safe poster paint onto the paper in the bag, carefully lay it down to let the air escape and close the seal. Now you can hand it over to your little on to get artsy without any of the mess. The clean up is even super easy with a good rinse and your hand inside the bag you can remove all the paint before washing it as normal. 

All of the bags can be used for so much more than what I have included, they can be storage for liquids while traveling, they an protect your valuable paperwork if you'll be somewhere wet or for easy access at airports. They would make grab and go bags for busy schedules, sort several bags for different topics or outings and keep them stocked up so that in a hurry you can grab one, add it to your bag or backpack and you haven't forgot anything. The only real limit to the uses of a Stasher bag is your needs and your imagination. I know they will be used as part of our every day lives now, we've cut out plastic sandwich bags, storage bags for picnics, cling film, make up bags (which we only used for traveling) as well as being able to ditch our reusable straw container that never quite seems clean again. I'm excited to see what other ways we can use the Stasher Bags over time. 

I highly recommend Stasher Bags, I can see them becoming a must have kitchen staple for every household. They offer a huge range of value in their uses and they help to ditch all manner of single use items that we don't really need. 

You can purchase all the Stasher Bags at SaveMoneyCutCarbon using the links:

Have you ever heard of Stasher Bags? 
Which was your favourite use we tried?

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