Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Making the most of the smallest things { Our Ordinary Moments }

 It's been a strange few weeks, life has been half normal since Dylan's birthday at the start of the month. However I've felt like the rest of us are in this suspended limbo waiting for normal life to fully begin again. 

We've been trying to help ourselves out of this strange feeling by making the most of everything we are doing. Dylan's birthday balloons stayed up a whole week, which probably doesn't sound strange for anyone else but every night after a birthday in our house Simon goes around popping balloons because he hates them. Our arch lasted 7 times as long as we usually expect it to and so we made the best of it. 

We had a full on photo session with each child having a turn to play in the middle of the arch on my bed. It was simple, we stayed at home and they had an absolute blast. They played for 2 hours! My phone is full of wonderful photos of smiling children and it helped me to see we can enjoy all the small things a little bit more. Something we've all been realising this last year. 

What are your favourite small things that you try to make the most out of? 


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