Monday, 1 March 2021

First signs of spring {Our Ordinary Moments}

Welcome back to Our Ordinary Moments, the last few weeks have been hard but this week we say the first signs that spring was coming! 

The days are growing warmer now, we've seen the sun several times this week and it's still light at dinner time. I don't know about you but for us spring really lets us get back outside properly. In winter we tend to stay home much more, avoiding the wet and bitter cold but it has a big effect on us all. This year more so than ever before since there hasn't been any reasons to get outside for school runs, mum's and tots sessions, visiting family and much more has all been cancelled for so long now that I don't really remember the last time we did everything.

Spring is changing all of that, we've been out 3 times this week for a long walk, play at the park  and even for a picnic.  I find after a good day outside walking, playing and doing something different really helps us for the next few days, everyone is happier and more relaxed. 

It all helps add more positive days to our week. Not to mention the thought of lockdown finally reaching its end come April for hopefully the final time. 

How has your past week been?


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