Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Our Favourite Book - A Storm Whale in Winter by Benji Davies

 We are truly in mid winter, at the beginning of February which as usual marks National Storytelling Week here in the UK. As the seasons cycle through we always make sure to keep at least one seasonal themed book in our bookcase. It's not often that a book focused on a particular season has been the favourite for the month. In fact I am pretty sure this is the first time.

Our favourite book of January was A Storm Whale in Winter by Benji Davies, it's a follow up book that comes after A Storm Whale in Winter. This is a story about a boy named Noi who lives beside the sea. He spends his days walking along the beach hoping to catch sight of his whale friend, who he saved back in spring after it beached on the sand. The story is set as winter creeps in and the sea begins to freeze. A winter storm rolls in that will bring the two back together for another adventure but who will save the other this time?

I can honestly say that The Storm Whale in Winter is a story we all enjoyed this last month. It is perfect for all ages, it's a good length with just enough words on each page to keep Scarlet interested while not being too short for Dylan. The story itself follows a friendship and bond built on care and kindness but it's not always smooth sailing. However that doesn't stop Noi and the whale from helping each other in tough times.

Benji Davies isn't only the writer for A Storm Whale in Winter but he also Illustrated the entire book. I have found that nobody can illustrate a book quite like the author, there is a very unique quality that brings the book to life just as he saw it while writing. It is a quality that really shows through in the illustrations. The Storm Whale in Winter is full of beautiful images created in a nice soft and muted tone produced by the whiteness of a winter storm but it has also kept such beautiful bright colours too. It mixes with nice softened edges to the work and shows plenty of details in each page. 

I think this is a great book on friendship, a winter storm on the sea, belief in the people around us and creating lasting bonds. As I said the story is one that we have all loved and I can imagine it will be loved for a long time yet. It is a nice story to enjoy particularly at bedtime when we all sit together to look and read. 

You can purchase A Storm Whale in Winter by Benji Davies at Amazon for £5.34


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