Monday, 1 February 2021

Growing up too fast {Our Ordinary Moments}

 Life during a pandemic seems like a never ending cycle of doing the same thing every day and expecting different results, they call that the definition of madness right? There are some points where it really feels like madness.

 Another thing you'll stop noticing is the little changes, usually your surrounded by people cooing and ahhing over babies, toddlers and children in general getting comment on just how big they are getting or how they've changed. These comments happen often enough that you see the changes in little stages, although it still feels like they are growing up too fast. With the complete absence of other people around us I haven't noticed many changes this last few months, longer hair, outgrowing clothes and that's about where it stops. 

A toddler boy is sat on a black and blue gamer style high backed deck chair in a lounging position with his right leg raised up, his foot sitting flat on the seat, his left foot is resting on top with his black and blue sock sole visable. He is wearing a light blue soft fabric trouser with a grey top featuring two immitaion braces in blue and black stripes. The top also has a fabric blue bow tie attached near the neckline. He is also wearing a soft grey hat that sits above his eyebrows, covers his ears and bunches around the back of his head in a sloutch style. The boys eyes are closed and his face is looking to the left.

This week however I think we hit a wall when suddenly all my children look an entire year older in just a few days. Their faces have changed, grown, started to look more grown up, their hands are bigger, arms longer, they seem taller and so much more. It feels like it's just jumped out of nowhere and hit me in the face! They are all growing up too fast. The biggest change of course being seen in Avery who seems to truly have advanced from baby to toddler at a speedy rate. I seem to have been in denial about it now for almost an entire year!

A toddler boy is stood holding on to the back of a black and blue gamer style high backed chair . He is wearing a light blue soft fabric trouser with a grey top .  He is also wearing a soft grey hat that sits above his eyebrows, covers his ears and bunches around the back of his head in a slouch style. The boyhas his head turned to look at the camera with a huge happy smile on his face..

During this month he's been walking freely, without any help around our area, in the snow and over uneven ground. He's climbing stairs without need for any help, he's opening up doors by using the handles and he's even sure of what he wants, despite not communicating any of it with us in words. It seems like he's quite suddenly grown up so much and I just missed it despite being here for almost every second of the last year. 

I took the photos featured in this weeks post when Avery was desperately trying to play and join in during our morning school work session at the table. He'd pushed Simon's gaming chair over and was sat with the cool dude hat each child has taken their turn at nicking on Simon through their lives. He sat laughing, chilling and having fun. All while I tried to flail through the work needing completed when it hit me, he's almost two and he looks like he is a proper toddler. No more babies in this house. At which point I snuck to our bathroom and cried.

Have you had any sudden moments when you notice huge changes in the people around you during the last year?


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