Sunday, 31 January 2021

DIY winter house scene felt set with free PDF template

 Last year I wanted to start sharing a fun DIY felt set every month, it didn't quite work out since I only managed to share a cupcake, space and pumpkin faces for the whole year. I had another planned to share in December that had some Christmas elements but I just didn't get the time to actually make the set before Christmas arrived. I still loved the idea I originally had and wanted to share it this month instead since it actually snowed and winter is still around. 

The felt sets are really quite easy to make and don't require a lot of work to execute, I have also shared how to create your own felt board with felt, a glue gun and some cardboard if you don't have one.

The tools you will need for the felt set are:

  • Felt in various colours
  • Scissors
  • a printer
  • PDF template
  • Glue gun and glue (or a good strong glue)

The first steps will be to download and print off your PDF template which contains almost all the shapes you will need for this project. 

Once you have PDF printed I recommend you cut out all the pieces from the paper and keep to one side as you do so. This set contains several smaller pieces than the other sets I have shared. Once you have the pieces cut you need to decide on the actual colours you will use for each piece. Be aware that there is no carrot shape on the template but if you want a snowman nose you will also need an orange felt. 

Now that you have your template pieces and your felt you can set about cutting the pieces from the felt. To get the best shapes I do not recommend using any sewing needles but instead just hold the piece in place while you cut around it. Remember to always cut your pieces near the edge of your felt and as close to the last cut pieces as you can, This will help you to get the most use from your felt. 
I cut out two sets of the snowmen pieces along with two noses, I decided to cut the button shapes in half for eyes instead, a little black shape for a door handle and also a long wavy line piece I could use for snow on the ground.

Having all the pieces cut out you can move onto the gluing stage. Take any small pieces like snowman faces or buttons, handles, tree trunks etc and glue them together. If you are making this for smaller children or toddlers I recommend you glue down things like the snowman body, arms, eyes, nose and anything that might become frustrating if they can't put it down right. Leave bigger items like the windows, doors, hat and scarf untouched so they can still build their pictures. You can leave all pieces separate for older children, Dylan really enjoyed being able to change it however he wanted.

Once your pieces are all ready your pretty much finished, add them to your felt board and you now have a whole set ready for them to play with! 


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