Friday, 15 January 2021

My hopes for 2021..

This year I saw a big change on the 1st of January, usually social media is full of posts talking about how this year will be the year we all make those changes and goals however having just lived through 2020 we all know just how much life can change in an instant. So this year not as many of us had huge goals to share, it makes sense to be more accepting that life doesn't have to be planned out considering it can change at any moment. 

I stopped making resolutions many years ago, I don't force myself to diet or change or be acceptable to society, or at least I am trying to be like that every day. So in recent years I have shared some hopes that I would like to get through in the year without any pressure to make myself achieve them. I decided that this year I was still going to share those since I will still be hoping that I can achieve these things in 2021. You'll see as we go through my hopes for the year that I didn't achieve many of my 2020 hopes just like the rest of the world so a few will be trickling into this years too. 

Get better at S.E.O.

I now know how important S.E.O. is and honestly I just suck at it completely so this year I want to research it more, find out what I should be doing and try to do it better for future posts and also to go back and make all my previous posts more S.E.O. compliant without changing much at all. Those are both huge tasks so I know this is something I will probably be working on for the whole year if not further into next year too. 

Paint the bathroom.

Yes, last year I had the same hope but you see the world shut down, schools closed and we had three children at home trying to teach, keep up with housework and not drown in our own worry. So it's been pushed back to this year when hopefully I can actually get to it! It's already been 5 years since we moved in and started on the bathroom so I'd really like to finish it before we have to move out.

Make new sustainable swaps.

Being more eco friendly is a never changing goal for me, we are all responsible for what we put back into the earth and right now, we're drowning it in plastic. So this year I will be striving to make more simple swaps that we use regularly to be more eco-friendly. I've already shared some of our favourite simple swaps that make a big impact but this year there will be more and I have a post coming up on what those swaps will include and all my specific goals on being more sustainable in 2021. 

Take family days out further than we have in the last year.

One big side effect of 2020 was that we all learned to stay much closer to home, we ventured out a bit during summer but that seems like more of distant memory now. We are used to getting up one morning and heading out for the whole day to walk someone, enjoy our whole day and walk back home. Sometime this year I want to do that again, Scarlet asked last month if we could climb a mountain so you know what? I want to climb up a mountain with all three children because we need to find our freedom again this year. For now I'll keep my fingers crossed that lockdowns will end and this year we will find our normal again. 

Be creative and get back to making art!

Since becoming a mother I have slowly let my love of art, crafts and projects shrivel up, not anymore! I want to find more time to do the things I really enjoy this year. What better way to do that than to start making art projects again? 

I will be documenting and sharing more of the projects along with some how to tutorials throughout the year. I am thinking I might try to share one project a month for the whole year. There's some sneak peeks in the photo above which I've already been trying out and creating so far this year. 

Plan and create content more efficiently.

I have a really bad habit of not getting ahead of the content I create for the blog, I have the odd very productive spurt and will write a whole week in one day but then I stop and a week later I haven't got anything ready! A prime example is this post, I am sat finishing up the last few points at 4pm the day it should be posted! I took the photos and sorted out the editing already but still the post wasn't ready to go. Right now it's down to home schooling  and trying to juggle everything again but hopefully this will be something I can start to get on board with this year. 

Get a better skincare routine

Another thing I tend to just not find time for is looking after my skin. I will often forget I have make up on altogether and wake up with mascara smudged eyes staring back in the mirror. Which is obviously very bad for my skin, I know that simply taking the time each day to look after my skin would mean less spots and healthier looking skin so I'm starting that tonight. 

Read more

Last but certainly not least on my hopes for the year is to get back into reading, I adore reading and I have done since I was very small. However after having Dylan I hadn't got much time for reading and it became a nice way to have me time, Scarlet and then Avery being added to our family meant I had even less time for reading and I haven't read more than one book during the year and half since Avery was born. I'm not ok with that, I miss reading and so in 2021 I have set myself a goal of reading 30 books and I've already read 3! Hopefully I will hit the goal over the year. I can already feel myself falling in love with reading again so I will be sharing what I am reading and what I have thought of the books on Instagram stories and maybe also in a few posts throughout the year on the blog in a more round up style.

Have you set yourself any goals for this year?

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  1. Can definitely relate to getting a better skincare routine!


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