Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Juggling fun with home schooling {Our Ordinary Moments}

We're starting another new week of homeschooling and I am starting to struggle with finding fun things to do that break up our day after home schooling! Last week we tried playing various games and getting out different toys each day. However after spending the whole morning and early afternoon trying to teach or get two children with different stages and different help offered to them to work at the same time can be frustrating. We're all a bit fed up when the teaching ends and that can carry over into their playing time. 

The one big hit for us was getting out a big small world scene that they could both play with together or alone. I had managed to do dinner while they played. It will be one we use this week but that still leaves 4 days of 'afterschool' activities we need to fill in. I'm thinking we'll maybe bake something and get outside as much as we can. I'm still working on ideas to do and play though. 

One big positive I have found with being at home so much is that our toy selection is being used daily and toys that usually get looked over are being discovered again. A lot of them are being used for learning through play with Scarlet which does mean they are less interesting by the time Dylan is finished for the day. It's one big juggling act isn't it?

How is the balance working in your house?

I used to join in with The Ordinary Moments over on What The Red Head, however the link up has finished and I loved Sharing little bits of our lives so I'm going to keep posting and share them as Our Ordinary Moments instead. 


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