Monday, 25 January 2021

First Snow Day { Our Ordinary Moments }

Last week I made the decision to start sharing Our Ordinary Moments each Monday from the week just past. I had many reasons why I wanted to start sharing these little moments but honestly I mostly want to see the small things in our lives magnified. Life is hard right now, for everyone and while none of us are feeling that much in control over life itself I wanted to share our better memories of this hard time one little moment at a time. 

I used to share our memories as a weekly post back when I started writing Us Two Plus You, I shared them as Our Weekly Adventures and while looking back the writing is terrible, (no, seriously!)  it's the little moments that those posts have kept alive for me. I don't really share those moments anymore, because I believed that nobody wanted to see the small moments when life is chaotic or mundane. However my children are growing up so much faster than I want them to, being a parent has always been full on and sometimes the days feel long but by god are the years short. Even the longest year in living memory for most of us 2020 blinked past. 

So I will be sharing our little moments again, I want to look back and see the memories I've let slip out of my grasp and smile or laugh or cry remembering them all. This year I'm breaking through my own insecurities and beliefs about who I should be and how I should do things to fit in and this is just one way I'm changing how I write and what I share. 

This week is a bit of a big Ordinary Moment for at least one little boy of mine, his first play in the snow! Avery is turning 2 this year but it didn't snow well enough last year to lay other than a tiny layer at the park. So yesterday was his very first time playing in the snow and he just loved getting out in it and running around. He wasn't such a fan of the fact the snow stayed on his gloves after he had finished hugging the snow balls! 

While it wasn't either Scarlet or Dylan's first time playing in the snow it was still a big day. They had their first child only snow ball fight! 

It feels like a real right of passage to have your first no adult involvement snow fight. They each had lots of fun throwing snow around but I think Scarlet enjoyed the playing more and stayed out to blow bubbles, splash in the sluch and walk around a little after the snowball fight ended and they'd warmed up their hands.

It was certainly a lovely few moments to end a stressful week and just have fun before another home schooling week starts. 

Did it snow near you this weekend? 


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