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Eco Friendly gift ideas for everyone in your life { Gift Guide }

 *AD - Some of the products in this post have been gifted. 

These items are marked with a * but inclusion has been on my terms and selection. 

All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. *

Christmas is a time of giving and it is important that when we are giving we are also looking after our environment too. Which is why putting together gift guides this year was something I wanted to do in a way that means there was an eco option for everyone you might be buying for this year. 

In this guide I will be sharing an eco friendly gift for the many people in your life, from the eco warrior to someone who is just starting a more eco friendly way of living and everything in between. Buying eco friendly gifts can be a bit of a daunting task, especially if your not familiar with more eco friendly brands and products. 

Sustainable Swaps Box from SaveMoneyCutCarbon *

I'm going to start where any sustainable lifestyle changes should and that is with SaveMoneyCutCarbon's Sustainable Swaps Box. This little box holds the key to trying out several different swaps to see the difference it can make not only for the environment but also for you. The box would make a perfect gift for a friend or family member who is starting to live more sustainably or who you think would like to make some changes but isn't sure where to start. 

The Sustainable Swaps box has an information that explains each of the products included in the box, how to use them and also what the impact of each change would make. Inside the box you can find a bamboo toothbrush, a beautiful beeswax wrap, a biodegradable bin bag with a sticker for your big bin to show your using biodegradable bin bags, a water flow bag for testing how much water your using, two bamboo plasters, a few bamboo cotton buds and an Ocean Saver Eco drop. It doesn't even end with what is inside the Sustainable Swaps box because you will get a code to sign up for the SaveMoneyCutCarbon membership where you will recieve 12 months of tips, advice, discounts on eco products and more sent right to inbox with the first email containing details on how to claim your Eco Laundry Egg, detox tablet and LED Lightbulb! There is a whole world of eco swaps inside this tiny box which fits perfectly through a letter box too. 

Give the gift of change this Christmas and show your friends and family just how easy swapping can be and how big of a benefit to the environment with a Sustainable Swaps Box from SaveMoneyCutCarbon. Even I have found new swaps I will be making in 2021 from this great little box, including the Ocean Saver Eco Drop which smells incredible and works better than other cleaners I have used!

Eco-Friendly Drawstring Bags

A really good place to make a big change is by swapping out the small things and if someone you know has started to make that change or is wanting to take the leap then another smaller place to start is with bags. We use a lot of plastic and it comes in so many forms but a particular one that is entirely unnessacery is the plastic surrounding our foods. Changing to a bag that allows you to carry your fruits and vegetables without the need for plastic can be life changing and reduce more single use plastic than you imagine. So why not help your friends and family see how wonderful drawstring bags can be with this pack of three sizes from Natural Elements this Christmas? They don't even have to be used for fruit and veg, you can use them to bag up and carry anything really! 

Spice Pots - Curry Night Kit *

One you might not expect to see in an eco gift ideas is the Spice Pots Curry Night Kit, however this whole kit is completely recyclable and even has refills that are biodegradable so it makes for a perfect eco friendly gift that works even for those who aren't as eco friendly.

Spice Pots is a company founded by a mum of 3 who wanted a way to enjoy her favourite Indian recipes in a quicker and easier way. She started to make up the delicious spice mixes for the meals in batches to do just that, to make cooking easier. I have to say I really think she has achieved this! There are five blends available and in this Curry Night Kit you will find four of those blends. 

As you can see above the kit includes spice blends to make Korma, Bhuna, Goan and Tandoori Masala. All of the spices used in each blend are 100% natural and come in a little metal pot with a metal lid. Inside each pot in the kit you will have enough to make 8 portions of the traditional Indian meals. However you can adjust the level to your tastes so if like us you prefer your curry to be milder, you can reduce the amount you add in for the whole meal by reducing the portions you add. I for one love this because it means we can enjoy the flavours without having to compromise on the spice level we are comfortable with! You don't even need to be a whizz in the kitchen to enjoy this kit either, inside you will find a recipe book with full instructions on how to create 8 delicious meals.

The Curry Night Kit from Spice Pots would make the perfect gift for any Indian food lovers this Christmas as well as families looking to change up their usual meals. 

Furoshiki Gift Wrapping from HanaBee

Once you have bought up all your gifts and your ready to wrap, are you going to use an eco friendly wrapping? I know for many we consider paper to be recyclable but many wrapping paper isn't, actually most aren't. Why not add to the gift you are giving by wrapping it up in Furoshiki Gift Wrapping from HanaBee?

Furoshiki gift wrap is a beautiful traditional Japanese folding square. The wrap is a square shape of single or double sided (depending on design) fabric designed specifically to be used in various ways. It's main purpose is to be a gift wrap which can be folded and tied around gifts in many ways from the basic tie I have done above to more complicated wraps and even one that is perfect for bottles! Each wrap comes with instructions and HanaBee's owner has created tutorials showing you how to tie the wrap.

I love the Sakura Red wrap shown above as I think the red makes it a little festive while still being a perfect fabric for us after Christmas for gift wrap or as a bag, hairband, lunch bag, water bottle carrier and more. Gift an extra gift with some reusable Furoshiki gift wrap this Christmas. 

HanaBee also have a whole range of beeswax wraps and facemasks available too. 

ModiBodi underpants *

This one may seem a bit out there in terms of a Christmas gift but it could be life changing for your significant other or daughter in your life. ModiBodi is an Australian underwear brand with a bit of a difference. Their underwear offers protection for women from leaks of all kinds from sweat, discharge through to overnight period protect with their extensive range of underwear and sports wear. Giving the gift of underwear has always been a bit of cliché that we are told to avoid but I think ModiBodi underpants offer a protection that can give women back a sense of freedom. Being able to get dressed in the morning and actually be ready for the day when you deal with periods, discharge or even with pelvic floor issues can be life changing! 

ModiBodi underpants offer just that protection inside their underwear, no additional products and no handbags full of sanitary products. It's even good for the environment since their underpants are reusable by simply rinsing under cold water and washing in your machine after each wear. 

If you have a lady in your life who has mentioned wanting to try reusable sanitary products then ModiBodi would make a perfect gift this Christmas. They even offer a selection of colours and styles in a variety of sizes so there is something available for everyone. You can see two of the colours available in the sensual hi-waist bikini style which is so comfortable and fits perfectly snug. You can see the Coral and Blueberry colour way available in this style. 

I hope you found something in this guide that has helped with your Christmas shopping, the ideas included would all make great gifts this year while still be eco friendly and helping the environment out too. 

Are there any Eco Friendly gifts your buying this year that aren't included, why not share them below in the comments for others?
Merry Christmas! 

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