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Gift ideas that are perfect for children and teens of all ages { Gift Guide }

*AD - Some of the products in this post have been gifted. 
These items are marked with a * but inclusion has been on my terms and selection. 
All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. *

This time of year we are probably all thinking of the same thing, gifts! I usually share at least 3-4 gift ideas posts in the run up to Christmas. This year it is going to be a little bit different. I will be sharing just two gift ideas posts and they will both come over this weekend so be sure to keep an eye out for those. 

It's hard to buy gifts, particularly for children, you never know if it something they will enjoy or may already own if they don't give you a specific idea. I wanted to share some ideas that I think children and teens would like, in this gift guide of ideas I have tried to include something that will be good for as many ages as I could. Some will even be versatile to cover all ages but there is something for everyone. 

Mama Designs muslin squares - Geometric Hearts

Let's face it, babies just aren't that into Christmas. They love the lights and the excitement but what do you buy for a baby who is just weeks - months old? The answer is muslin squares, I can't even begin to explain how many times a day in the early months I reached for muslin squares. They can be used for anything from cleaning up or catching baby sick, milk dribble through to a soft light blanket to put over baby. I love these muslin squares from Mama Designs, they are cute while being really soft, 100% cotton and a good size too. The Geometric heart design is just one of the four designs available so you can find a design you like. 

Moon and Me 20cm soft toy from Playskool - Pepi Nana and Sleepy Dibalo

Moon and Me has been a huge hit in the last two years, recently it's been a favourite for Avery in particular and I have found these adorable soft toys. The whole character range is available but you can see the Pepi Nana and Sleepy Dibalo soft toys above that I have for Avery. They are so soft too! Each soft toy in the range is 20cm tall with it's own fabrics and design for each character to match those in the show. I think they are of a good quality although the Dibalo is a bit smaller in height I think it's still perfect for small hands, it is super soft and cuddly too. Perfect for toddlers since the range is suitable from 18 months. 

Busy Things - 1 year's subscription *

Getting online to learn has seen an increase like never before this year. I have found that my children are really enjoying this online learning at home. So I had wanted to include a learning tool or site that can offer that learning in a safe way. We recently reviewed Busy Things and we have loved it.  
Busy Things offers access to hundreds of curriculum based games and activities on their site. It is all done in a safe way with children even having their own log in's under the family umbrella to help build online knowledge and independence. Each family can even have up to 5 children added so you only need one subscription for the whole family. 
I think Busy Things would be a fantastic gift and would be particularly good for those who will be getting a big gift of a tablet or laptop this Christmas. A gift subscription to Busy Things also includes a certificate that can be printed out and gifted in an envelope to be opened since that is all part of the Christmas excitement.

You can purchase a gift subscription to Busy Things for £34.99 (currently on a special offer for £24.99!)

Two Pack of Kids Headphones with microphones

This one kind of connects to the last gift so if you are co-ordinating gifts for a child or children with tablets or laptops as a gift then this two pack of earphones for children would be perfect. You get two different colours in the pack, which also includes a splitter. What makes these headphones great is that they are made specifically for children so they have a noise dampener which will ensure they never go higher than a safe level for children's ears, even at top volume! The noise level is capped at 91dbs which makes it perfect for travelling on a plane or in a car as it will cover the engine sounds.
One feature I really like about these particular headphones is that they are foldable! You can fold down each side and nestle them inside the head band area to make them much more portable for travel and great for storage. The headphones also come with a 2 year warranty. 

You can purchase your own Two Pack of Kids Headphones for £22.99

The Gruffalo Jigsaw Book 

Books and puzzles are always a surefire way to strike gold in our house. Scarlet has been particularly enjoying The Gruffalo lately and I knew when I found this Jigsaw book that it would be a big hit with many fans out there too. Inside you can read along to the whole story on one side of each page while the other has a 12 piece puzzle you can take out and complete. They fit snuggly back in place so they can be stored right inside the pages of the book. Each jigsaw features a big picture you can find inside the original story book so is easily recognisable to fans. Even so there is a smaller image on the adjoining page for reference

Lego sets - Lego and Lego Friends 

Many children are fans of Lego, who can blame them, it is so much fun! One disadvantage is that it is quite expensive for the sets which is why I really like that you can get smaller sets like the ones above. Each year we have at least one set as a request and I think they can be a really good gift too. 
The smaller sets available for both Lego and Lego friends are different but still create a small world that be added to or used with other sets or alone. I think this element is really important as it doesn't have to depend upon them having other Lego. 

The first set of the two above is the Lego City Forest Fire Response Buggy and Firefighter set which includes all the pieces to create a Fire Response buggy with water blaster, Firefighter, Tree, Flame and an owl. Which creates the perfect scene for a fire rescue when the building is complete. 

You can purchase this set for £9 at The Entertainer using the link above.

The Lego Friends Heart Box set above is the Emma's Summer edition but there is one for each main character in the Lego Friends range. This set includes the pieces to make a heart shaped box, Jet ski, underwater seaweed/ coral with a crab holding a gem and Emma with flippers and a snorkelling helmet. Which is not only everything you need for an under water adventure but the heart box also doubles up as a storage container making this set perfect for on the go play too! 

You can purcase this set for £7.99 at Amazon using the link above.

Fine Art Pins and Prints from Pulse Gallery *

Last but by no means the least is a gift idea that is perfect for older children, pre teens and teenagers. Actually these gifts are even perfect for adults! Which is the incredible fine art pins and prints from Pulse Gallery. This year they have released a whole limited- edition  range of fine art pins and prints that are Disney and Pixar themed! They are officially licenced by Disney and Pixar themselves.

You can see two of the fine art pins from the extensive series available in the Disney collection above. Each collection has it's own theme and style of pin available but each design is limited edition and even comes with it's own certificate of authenticity which will be on the back of the card the fine art pins come on. I was honestly completely blown away by how amazing these fine art pins are. I do collect pins myself but I don't have any which are of the quality and detail that goes into those from Pulse Gallery really shows the Fine Art quality you are guaranteed from their collections. 

Firstly I am going to talk about the Mad Hatter which is from the ACME/Artland cutout series. The fine art pin stands at 1.5 inches in diameter and is made with a gold edging and outlines. It is full of vibrant colours that perfectly show the Mad Hatters uniqueness from the original Alice in Wonderland Disney Movie. Even the backers for the fine art pins are Disney themed with the iconic Mickey Mouse shape. This Mad Hatter fine art pin has only 200 pieces in the edition making it a very limited edition. 

The other fine art pin featured above is honestly even more impressive. The Aladdin Carpet Ride pin from the Aladdin series is made with a gold back and outlines which are expertly filled in not only with the vibrant colours but you see transitions of colour in the clouds which of course don't have a clear outline.  If you look closely you can even see the brown iris of Princess Jasmine and Aladdin's eyes. This is so impressive especially since this pin stands at a 3 inch diameter, it is about the size of my palm!  Just like the other Disney themed pins you can find Mickey Mouse shaped backers, this large size has three on the back. The Aladdin Carpet Ride fine art pin is one of the 250 in the edition created.

If pins are not what you are looking for then you can take a look at the whole range of fine art prints available from Pulse Gallery instead. They are just as impressive when it comes to quality and detail. There is a very extensive range available including those which are licenced by favourites including Disney, Harry Potter, Starwars and more with prices starting from £55.

I hope you've gotten an idea or two for some of your Christmas Gifts this year from our selection in this guide. It really does cover something for all ages from the babies all the way up to the teenagers in your life. There are some really lovely gifts included but if you have another great idea why not share it with me and others in the comments down below? 

Merry Christmas!


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