Thursday, 15 October 2020

Our Favourite Books - The Ghost Train by Allen & Janet Ahlberg

Since it's October and we've already changed all of our books over to the Halloween selection a few weeks ago I thought it would be nice to share the favourite so far! Usually I would share last months favourite but it would mean the next few months books would come after each holiday so I'll share these a little differently. 

The big hit this month is a new one for us, I realised we hadn't got many spooky type books in our collection and of course that needed rectifying immediately! I purchased The Ghost Train by Allen Ahlberg the minute I found it on Amazon. We managed to get our hands on The Ghost Train by Allen Ahlberg at the beginning of October. It was very quickly added to the bookshelf and quickly became a hit with both Scarlet and Dylan. I remember reading the Funnybones books when I was younger and being able to share books I loved with my children is pretty special. 

The Ghost Train is one of the books in the Funnybones series which is written by Janet and Allen Ahlberg. A husband and wife duo who first created the original funny bones book back in 1980. The series grew to include several more books including The Ghost train which just like the rest of the series was republished by Penguin books. The Funnybones books are all based around a world that only comes out at night, a world in shadows with it's own spooky creatures like those we dress up as on Halloween.

The Ghost Train by Allen and Janet Ahlberg follows the story of the big skeleton, the little skeleton and the dog skeleton as they go for a ride on the ghost train. The adventure is only beginning as they travel through the dark, dark town and towards the Ghost-Town-by-the-sea.

There are many sights to see and things to do at the Ghost-Town-by-the-sea. Big skeleton, Little Skeleton and dog skeleton join in, they take time to watch the Monsters' Beauty Parade and before they hear the ghost trains whistle to signal home time at 3 o'clock. 
Something spooks the Skeleton gang on the way home, causing the to run and hide, I wonder what could it be?

The Ghost Train is illustrated by Andre Amstutz. It has it's own very unique and instantly recognisable illustrations. The whole book is full of bright, colourful illustrations that really show up against the dark, dark world at night time. You can spot lots of fun spooky characters and places inside the illustrations. I love that Andre Amstutz really captured the spookiness of the world while creating, cute and lovable monsters, ghosts and skeleton's to occupy it. The illustrations are really the perfect accompaniment to the story and captures it all really well. 

I cannot recommend The Ghost Train enough for a Halloween themed bookcase. It has the perfect amount of spooky feeling in the book while being balance out with fun. The Ghost Train matches up with so many every day experiences we might have whilst on a train but adds the element of darkness at night and unexpected characters like monsters and ghosts. 

I will be looking at finding the rest of the Funnybones series for our collection. 
Which was your favourite book growing up?

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  1. These books have been around so long and as a child I loved them but as a mum who has to read them over and over again they can get a little repetitive 😆


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