Friday, 30 October 2020

A DIY Wicked Witches Hat Ring Toss Game { DIY Halloween activities }

 Halloween is going to be very different this year, things are going to feel more secluded and some big traditions are just a straight up no-go for so many. I know for us it will be a new experience for sure, we usually celebrate with lots of local events and a spot of trick or treating on Halloween night. All of which is totally cancelled so I wanted to do something different for the children this year, especially since they are already excited. 

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about ways I can add to Halloween but still be safe and make it 2020 friendly? Now that it's under three weeks away I thought it would be nice to share some of the fun activities I created. The first of which is wicked witches hat ring toss, a fun game to play, this would be a perfect night time game as it uses glow sticks!

To create your own wicked witches hat ring toss you will need:

  • Black card
  • Witches hat PDF Templates
  • Coloured card and/or coloured foam
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Extra Glue sticks for glue gun
  • 1 pack of bendable glow sticks

1. Take your templates and cut out the biggest circle and semicircle piece. You will need to cut two of each piece from your black card. This should use 3 A4 sheets of black card. Position the circles to one end of the card to allow space for the smallest circles later. 
2. Cut around the second circle and semi circle pieces in your template. Again you will need two of each piece and this will be another two pieces of card. You should be able to get a circle and semicircle from each A4 sheet.
3. The final cut out are the smallest circle and semicircle in your template. Cut four of each piece for these instead of two. Cut the circles out of the card leftover from step 1. The semi circles can be cut from a new sheet of card. 
4. Now that you have all your pieces cut out it will be time for assembly. Take each circle and pair it with one semi circle. Starting with your semicircle you need to glue along the tabs, attach to the other side of the semicircle to make a cone shape.
5. Add glue all around the rim of the cone (be as close to the edge as you can) and press onto the matching circle. 
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each witches hat.     

7. Create a coloured band for each hat by cutting out the final pieces of the template and choosing your colour and either card or foam. Cut each piece to match your witches hats. 

8. Glue down the bands to all of your hats and you can use this band to cover any spots where the glue is visible around the seam. 

9. Take your glow stick pack and create rings (or bracelet shapes) with each, you can attach two together to create a larger ring. 

10. Now you can play the game by placing your wicked witches hats on a table or the floor and having your rings nearby.  I recommend using blue tac to secure them or adding them onto some cardboard for  a more stable game. Why not place tape on the floor at varying distances to add some degree of challenges too.

I love how this game turned out! It was so fun to make and something the whole family can get involved in. I did go back at the end and cut a hole inside each hats bottom to allow me to stack the up for storage too. 

Do see what other DIY Halloween activities I have shared. 

Would your family enjoy playing Wicked Witches Hat Ring Toss?


  1. A great idea for the kids and very easy to make kids would love it

  2. This sounds like a fun game for Hallowe'en.


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