Thursday, 3 September 2020

Dear daughter, your starting nursery!

Dear Scarlet,

It's such a big day! As I sit here typing it's just hours away from morning and your very first day at nursery school! I can't quite believe it's already time for you to go. Your excited and a bit nervous about the idea of being left at nursery without us. It's harder for you than for others because this year is different for all of us but your being so brave. Your really looking forward to seeing other boys and girls and about making new friends, especially now you've been home for months. 

I on the other hand don't feel quite ready. I have a whole bundle of emotions but most of all I am sad, I feel a little scared about how tomorrow will go because it will be harder for you than it was for Dylan. You see you've not met your teachers, you haven't ever been inside your nursery and tomorrow you will do it alone. You will say goodbye at the door and you will go into this new world without any idea of what to expect. We've talked all about the other children, your teachers and that there will be toys and games to play but the truth is I don't really know what will be there now. I only know how it was before and I hope not much has changed, I hope tomorrow is fun for you and I hope you don't feel all alone entering this new unknown world.

Either way everything is sat out waiting for the morning, your uniform is set out with your new shoes and your very special bows. It's all sitting right beside Dylan's waiting for you to wake up. I have your requested breakfast ready to be cooked first thing and the camera is on standby for those all import first day photographs to immortalise this momentous occasion because today will only happen once.

It's happened now! Your off to nursery, I've added all our photographs into this post now. Your morning went really well, you had cheerios for breakfast before having a little morning boogie and getting your super smart looking uniform on. We took lots of photographs and got your coat before we left for the walk to nursery. It was just you and me holding hands the whole way there, I could see your excitement growing the whole way. When we arrived you waited in line holding my hand for your turn to meet your teacher and go into nursery. You didn't turn back and off you went for the first time!

It may have only been for one hour today but you had so much fun, you ran out the door to me the minute you could and told me all about it.You made new friends and played with toys and met your teachers. We talked about it all the way home, your so excited for tomorrow when you get to go back! 

I'd call that a complete success! 

Lots of Love, 


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  1. Such a big step when they start nursery hopefully she is settled in now 🙂


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