Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Beginning another school year after 6 months at home

  School has officially begun! Every year I say that the beginning of school is pretty emotional but this year has been even more emotional than ever before. Having 6 months at home without interruption from the outside world has shown me just how different life is without school and real routines. On the flip side, I'm so ready for school to bring back that routine we so quickly lost at the beginning of lockdown. 

Here is to the new normal of school years. Dylan was both excited and a little apprehensive about going back the last few days, the school have been fantastic and very adaptive to this new school year. We've had fantastic communication in the last 2-3 weeks after a long and silent summer period. 

Yesterday we spent some time talking about going back, how things have changed and about what his teacher will wear in terms of PPE. We had a nice video sent from his teacher explaining how he will get into school, what to do when he enters and where to go to his classroom. I think this really helped, it was a tool we could use to explain things more and to show him that while some things have changed, other haven't. 

I will admit that last night was just a little strange to be sat labeling hand sanitizer instead of pencils and school supplies. I shared on Instagram that if you'd told me a year ago what I'd be doing that I'd have called you crazy and even now it still feels so alien to have labeled hand sanitizer to send to school! 

This morning started just like every first day does for Dylan with a nice early wake up, breakfast, getting dressed and taking some photographs before setting off for school. It was just Dylan and Simon who took the walk this year since only one adult is allowed at the school for each child and social distencing so we said a goodbye just before they left. I'm not going to lie that was a sad to say goodbye and see him go. 

Just like that the school year has began for Dylan. His first day was going really well, for 2 hours, he saw his friends, did one lesson, had outside time and was sent home. He has a cough, a cold which we have all had for over a week. I called, I checked with the school it was okay and they told us as long as he had no temperature then it was fine. They checked his temperature themselves this morning and there was no problem. So now he's home and after disrupting his first day, stopping it before it really started he's now going back tomorrow. Hopefully it will go more smoothly than today has! 

Have your children started back to school yet? 


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