Monday, 31 August 2020

Farewell Summer! {The Ordinary Moments}

 It's officially our last day of summer! I can't quite believe that school starts back tomorrow. 
Are we ready to say goodbye to summer yet?
I'm not quite sure I want it to end but I know we need a new balance, a better routine and earlier starts. So I guess I'm getting ready to embrace a new strange school year. 

We usually end summer on one final big day out, having fun, eating a final summer treat and making the day a final farewell to our summer adventures. This year like much else is different. Our big final summer day out was last week even if we didn't realize it. We took a long walk in sun and admired the beautiful flowers and trees in bloom. We enjoyed sneaky treats and then we spent the rest of the week at home with a cold. Not the big farewell to summer we imagined but today we'll have fun at home and prepare for another school year. 

When do your children start back and do you have a big farewell to summer day each year?

The Ordinary Moments


  1. Our eldsst grandson has started seniors this week. Eek! Where does time go.

    Our 2ns Grandson starts full time pre nursery Monday week so we will just be Grandparentsitting in the holidays then.

    Our youngest and only granddaughterstarts back at nursery in 2 weeks. Just one day s week though as us grandparents cover other days as needed as son and DiL both work

    Our eldest grandson lives some distance from us so haven't seen him this summer re lockdown.

    See the other 2 as they are local to us and take them out as we can

  2. Sounds like a lovely way to end summer. Hope back to school has went well x

  3. It proves that great days out don’t have to cost money and we can take pleasure in the things around us.


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