Friday, 31 July 2020

Playtime fun (The Ordinary Moments)

A small toddler boy with ginger hair and blue eyes, wearing a grey jumper with dark grey outlines of Dinosaurs on is sat down on a white sheet background with a small blue wooden arch from a rainbow balanced on his head while shouting at the camera.

Life's been pretty busy and when it isn't busy we're trying to enjoy our turn together which usually means I don't get much work done at all. So over the last 2 weeks we have been enjoying our days at home and out! 

A small toddler boy with ginger hair and blue eyes is reaching for a purple and pink  coloured wooden circle close to the camera. He is wearing a grey jumper and there is a white background.

Everyday the children all play in their own ways and recently Avery has really started to enjoy joining in with toys he didn't use to like or be allowed. Now he's having fun exploring all the toys and enjoying every second. 

A small toddler boy with ginger hair wear a light grey jumper with dinosaur outlines in dark grey and a dark grey pair of jogging bottoms is sat on a white sheet background holding two blue arch shapes from a wooden rainbow looking down at them in his hands. Other coloured rainbow pieces are in the background scattered from playing.

His favourites are definitely our ever growing range of wooden toys, in particular lately he's taken a shine to our Grimm's 12 piece pastel bridges! I couldn't resist this mini photoshoot at home while he played. 

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