Monday, 22 June 2020

Mega Meltdowns and Magic Tricks {The Ordinary Moments}

I think we have definitely hit our wall for lock down, I am feeling no motivation to keep going and so is everyone else. School work is dragging by with concentration declining by the day. We are all looking forward to the beginning of summer, even if we have no idea how that will look or what we will be able to do. 

A blonde haired boy and girl are sat inside a large black tray surrounded by jugs, small pots, glasses, a tall round ceramic dish and other containers with small round colourful water beads inside. They are leaned over, playing with a white brick wall behind them.

It is very clear that lock down is taking it's toll on us now, I guess in a way we are lucky to have gotten this far. That doesn't make dealing with it easier. The children are all getting more restless, our days begin earlier and energy levels seem to be really high or really low, daily meltdowns are becoming normal for all our children and I know it is is because our daily life is so isolated. We miss our friends, we miss our family and they miss they ability to run free without worry. 

A glass with clear round orbs of water beads is held in someones hand to the camera. A blurred pink streak is visible through the beads. The background is blurred with a black ground base and a white wallA glass of clear looking liquid is held up with a pink mermaid visable surrounded by very faint clear round orb shapes. You can see a small girl playing in the background which is blurry and focused onto the glass.

In an attempt to branch away from the tantrums and stress we had a day in the yard with water bead play instead of school work. It helped a little, they enjoyed all the play and especially my magic trick to make the beads more transparent. It was wonderful, they were amazed and it was worth all preparation. It's shown me the need for fun, for days without a plan or routine and our real need to spend time doing anything else right now. 

We begin our usual summer holiday's from next week and I know for all our sanity we will be venturing out further and more often than we have. We need a day without this much worry and stress. We need a whole day outside our four walls and so far we just haven't had that. Hopefully this coming heatwave will see us outside in the world a bit more. 

How have you been coping with lock down?

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The Ordinary Moments


  1. I think every so often you just need to draw a line and have a break. It's definitely been grinding us down here too x

  2. It is definitely difficult for the kids and their routines are all out of sorts. The magic tricks are fun x


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