Monday, 18 May 2020

My little explorer {The Ordinary Moments}

This last week involved a long walk which was very much needed for us all, however more so for Scarlet. We all enjoy getting outside and taking time to walk, play and enjoy time together. I feel that we all get different things from being outside but during lock down I have noticed more and more how time outside is used by Dylan and Scarlet. 

For Dylan getting outside is most certainly about play and running around, he's never really been one to want to explore a place unless it's a very low hanging tree or similar. Scarlet on the other hand is becoming quite the little explorer, when we have taken time to go for a walk during lock down she wants to explore everything she can. 

A small blonde haired girl wearing a navy knee length, long sleeved dress with colourful horse characters on it, navy tights and bright purple high top shoes is standing on grass in front of a wall of low hanging branches from a tree that covered in green leaves. She is holding several branches to the side with her left hand as if she is going to walk through them.

On our walk this week she wanted to explore and discover what was around us and honestly it's the first time we've had the space to be able to do it since this all began. She was really interested in all the textures and the nature around us as we took a walk around not using the paths to direct us for a change.

A small girl with blonde hair half tied up is running across a patchy area of grass surrounded by leaf covered trees. She is wearing a navy knee length, long sleeved dress with colourful horse characters on it and navy tights. She has bright purple high top trainers with a while sole on.

She also found great delight in running in any direction she wanted to see something new or interesting, which would probably be a great thing if I didn't have to run after her to make sure she stays away from anyone else using the space too. Hopefully when this is all over we will be able to go out and explore more freely and let her develop her inner explorer too. 

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The Ordinary Moments


  1. What a wonderful place to go exploring. Looks like she is having fun xx #ordinarymoments

  2. She looks like she's having the best time! x


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