Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Getting crafty with weekly home-schooling projects {The Ordinary Moments}

Since March I have been pretty impressed with Dylan's school and how well they have adjusted to being entirely remote based learning. Each day he gets sent several projects to complete on the school app. With that he will complete the activities and be asked to read or work on another activity. 

We had been adding in our own activities after this which would be more creative and round out the afternoon. However in more recent weeks we have been getting creative assignments from the school. Each Monday Dylan is sent one big project to make based on something he is or has been learning about. 

The first week he had a rocket and also a musical instrument assignment where he had to use materials around the house and make the two projects. He really enjoyed making them and those two had been easy enough to complete with Scarlet joining in too so we all did them together.

Things got a bit more complex as the weeks have gone on and the last two projects have been to create a boat that can float while holding coins. Dylan made his out of tin foil and added more as extra protection from the water when it started to sink.  

His final project that he made last week was to investigate, plan and make a suspension bridge. It involved a lot and over the first 3 days of the week he completed each piece to finish his project with one bridge that we have now adapted to be more stable so he can play with Scarlet a bit more using it! Having a creative project each week is really helping to keep Dylan excited and interested in learning now that the weeks are passing by. 

Have you been given any creative projects or ideas to do with your children from school?

The Ordinary Moments


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