Monday, 11 May 2020

A little outdoor play {The Ordinary Moments}

I started out joining in with The Ordinary moments last month and with everything going on I haven't join in since. I haven't written much or been in any kind of blogging pattern at all. I want to change that so what better way than starting a new week by looking back at the ordinary moments of last week? We have actually had a pretty good week, all things considered. There have been moments of every emotion and one incident where there was sheer panic but I am trying to remember to enjoy the good moments and to let the bad or harder moments fade away. 

With that in mind I decided to reflect on some of our outside play time and experimenting this week. Around the beginning of lock down I ordered a tuff tray since we have a small outside space and it means messy play is easier to clean as well as providing a clear place for certain types of play. I'm also guilty of seeing all the beautiful play scenes on Pinterest and wanting to create my own. 

This week we had various types of play and everyone got involved each time. Towards the beginning of the week I made moon sand using flour (3 cups) and baby oil (1 cup) which was a massive hit with all three children including Avery who got to have a play first without the older two. He loved the texture and it's got me so excited to take a beach day when this is all over! 

A toddler boy sits in a black tray wearing a green and white striped top and denim dungarees. He is surrounded by sand and bright coloured sand moulds with a sloth shaped sand piece in front of him as he hold a yellow parrot shaped mould.

It didn't take long at all for various toys to make an appearance and be included in the moon sand play with lots of stacking cups and play bowls being used to create sand castles that where stackable! They make for pretty impressive structures for sure, we also had a talk about why the smaller tubs wouldn't work under the bigger tubs as castles so there was even an extra bit of learning thrown in for Dylan and Scarlet. 

A stack of three tiered sand castles sits in a black tray with brightly coloured pots in the background with a child's hand.
A boy wearing green shorts and a blue top is sitting with his legs crossed and his right hand raised high above a three tiered sand castle

Later in the week (yesterday!) I used some shredded paper that came in a parcel a few weeks ago to hide some toys in the tray for Scarlet and Dylan to find. I think it lasted 5 minutes before they started to just play with the paper, Scarlet particularly loved playing this game as you see it was pure delight for her! 

A small girl is sat behind a pile of shredded paper strips while more float around her in the air. She is blonde haired with blue eyes smiling into the canera. She is wearing a long sleeved navy dress with rainbows and elephants printed all over it. There is a white brick wall in the background.

Have you been enjoying new ways to play  or new activities during lockdown?

The Ordinary Moments


  1. I really wish we'd invested in a Tuff Spot when the children were babies, this looks like so much fun! x

  2. Aww that looks like great fun. Sand is one of those simple things in life xx


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