Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Getting crafty with weekly home-schooling projects {The Ordinary Moments}

Since March I have been pretty impressed with Dylan's school and how well they have adjusted to being entirely remote based learning. Each day he gets sent several projects to complete on the school app. With that he will complete the activities and be asked to read or work on another activity. 

We had been adding in our own activities after this which would be more creative and round out the afternoon. However in more recent weeks we have been getting creative assignments from the school. Each Monday Dylan is sent one big project to make based on something he is or has been learning about. 

The first week he had a rocket and also a musical instrument assignment where he had to use materials around the house and make the two projects. He really enjoyed making them and those two had been easy enough to complete with Scarlet joining in too so we all did them together.

Things got a bit more complex as the weeks have gone on and the last two projects have been to create a boat that can float while holding coins. Dylan made his out of tin foil and added more as extra protection from the water when it started to sink.  

His final project that he made last week was to investigate, plan and make a suspension bridge. It involved a lot and over the first 3 days of the week he completed each piece to finish his project with one bridge that we have now adapted to be more stable so he can play with Scarlet a bit more using it! Having a creative project each week is really helping to keep Dylan excited and interested in learning now that the weeks are passing by. 

Have you been given any creative projects or ideas to do with your children from school?

The Ordinary Moments
Friday, 22 May 2020

A letter to my eldest son, 7 years in the blink of an eye

Dear Dylan,

I say this quite regularly but I just can't believe that you are 7! You've grown and changed every day, right in front of my eyes and as I sit here typing I wonder where the time has gone. In the days and hours it feels so long but the years just keep passing us by. Every time I blink you seem to jump through time. 

This last year has seen so many big changes for you, you can read independently with very little help, you find so much joy in books. It's wonderful to sneak in at night and find you laid down on whatever novel your reading chapters of at night time! A reminder of just how smart you are.

A blonde haired boy, wearing rectangle framed deep blue glasses is reading a ficton book call 'Then and Now' with an old plane and a modern plane on the dark blue cover. The back cover is a pale orange colour with writing on. The boy is sitting on a black sofa. The centre of the image is clear but it blurs as the image moves to the edges.

The biggest change I see regularly is how tall you are, I still remember the tiny little baby who fit inside daddies forearms comfortably but your far from that size now. In fact your very quickly gaining on me and I can just imagine that in a few short years you will towering above me. Which is slightly terrifying to think about if I'm honest. As you grow your also finding your own freedom and with it a real love to explore, you like to see everything around you and ask questions. When we head out for walks you love to look around and see the whole world in your own unique way.

A young blonde haired boy stands up on a raised concrete platform with his hand s in his pockets wearing blue jeans with a grey top. He is staring off to the right hand side surrounded by trees with a mountain off in the distance below a white cloud filled sky with small spots of blue peeping out.

Another big change that has happened this year involves your teeth, or lack there of since they seem to be falling out on a very regular basis now! you recently lost your fifth, yes your fifth tooth! Your first big tooth is starting to come through now and it's a reminder of how much your growing up.

A blonde boy with brown eyes wears rectangle framed dark blue glasses is smiling widely showing two missing front teeth on the top and one on the bottom of his mouth. He is wearing a light powder blue top with a green dinosaur head over the breast pocket. There is a white wall behind him.

While there are some very big changes in your personality and your appearance there are some traits I'm glad to see are sticking around. My favourite of which is your goal to make everyone around you laugh or smile. It used to be people on the bus but now it's your friends, family and teachers who you tell jokes to, say hello and generally find a way to make them happy. It brings you so much joy to know you've brightened someone's day which right now is a job the whole world is trying to fill. So keep being your wonderful happy self forever! 

You have a wonderful thirst for knowledge and even now as I type this in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic when schools are closed, your trying to learn. It's harder at home and your certainly missing school the longer we stay home but your still growing and learning. Today you worked on cursive writing which is big weak point for you and you did so well I've even included it so when you grow up you can remember how proud it made you! Well done! I love how you always search for more, your new favourite books to read are fact books. Last Christmas you specifically asked Santa to bring you a fact book about lizards and still read it daily. 

I know by this time next year you may well be a completely different person with many new interests but for now I will enjoy watching you grow more closely while we are at home. 

Love from


Monday, 18 May 2020

My little explorer {The Ordinary Moments}

This last week involved a long walk which was very much needed for us all, however more so for Scarlet. We all enjoy getting outside and taking time to walk, play and enjoy time together. I feel that we all get different things from being outside but during lock down I have noticed more and more how time outside is used by Dylan and Scarlet. 

For Dylan getting outside is most certainly about play and running around, he's never really been one to want to explore a place unless it's a very low hanging tree or similar. Scarlet on the other hand is becoming quite the little explorer, when we have taken time to go for a walk during lock down she wants to explore everything she can. 

A small blonde haired girl wearing a navy knee length, long sleeved dress with colourful horse characters on it, navy tights and bright purple high top shoes is standing on grass in front of a wall of low hanging branches from a tree that covered in green leaves. She is holding several branches to the side with her left hand as if she is going to walk through them.

On our walk this week she wanted to explore and discover what was around us and honestly it's the first time we've had the space to be able to do it since this all began. She was really interested in all the textures and the nature around us as we took a walk around not using the paths to direct us for a change.

A small girl with blonde hair half tied up is running across a patchy area of grass surrounded by leaf covered trees. She is wearing a navy knee length, long sleeved dress with colourful horse characters on it and navy tights. She has bright purple high top trainers with a while sole on.

She also found great delight in running in any direction she wanted to see something new or interesting, which would probably be a great thing if I didn't have to run after her to make sure she stays away from anyone else using the space too. Hopefully when this is all over we will be able to go out and explore more freely and let her develop her inner explorer too. 

I am joining back in with The Ordinary Moments from What The Redhead Said, you can check it out by clicking the badge below.

The Ordinary Moments
Monday, 11 May 2020

A little outdoor play {The Ordinary Moments}

I started out joining in with The Ordinary moments last month and with everything going on I haven't join in since. I haven't written much or been in any kind of blogging pattern at all. I want to change that so what better way than starting a new week by looking back at the ordinary moments of last week? We have actually had a pretty good week, all things considered. There have been moments of every emotion and one incident where there was sheer panic but I am trying to remember to enjoy the good moments and to let the bad or harder moments fade away. 

With that in mind I decided to reflect on some of our outside play time and experimenting this week. Around the beginning of lock down I ordered a tuff tray since we have a small outside space and it means messy play is easier to clean as well as providing a clear place for certain types of play. I'm also guilty of seeing all the beautiful play scenes on Pinterest and wanting to create my own. 

This week we had various types of play and everyone got involved each time. Towards the beginning of the week I made moon sand using flour (3 cups) and baby oil (1 cup) which was a massive hit with all three children including Avery who got to have a play first without the older two. He loved the texture and it's got me so excited to take a beach day when this is all over! 

A toddler boy sits in a black tray wearing a green and white striped top and denim dungarees. He is surrounded by sand and bright coloured sand moulds with a sloth shaped sand piece in front of him as he hold a yellow parrot shaped mould.

It didn't take long at all for various toys to make an appearance and be included in the moon sand play with lots of stacking cups and play bowls being used to create sand castles that where stackable! They make for pretty impressive structures for sure, we also had a talk about why the smaller tubs wouldn't work under the bigger tubs as castles so there was even an extra bit of learning thrown in for Dylan and Scarlet. 

A stack of three tiered sand castles sits in a black tray with brightly coloured pots in the background with a child's hand.
A boy wearing green shorts and a blue top is sitting with his legs crossed and his right hand raised high above a three tiered sand castle

Later in the week (yesterday!) I used some shredded paper that came in a parcel a few weeks ago to hide some toys in the tray for Scarlet and Dylan to find. I think it lasted 5 minutes before they started to just play with the paper, Scarlet particularly loved playing this game as you see it was pure delight for her! 

A small girl is sat behind a pile of shredded paper strips while more float around her in the air. She is blonde haired with blue eyes smiling into the canera. She is wearing a long sleeved navy dress with rainbows and elephants printed all over it. There is a white brick wall in the background.

Have you been enjoying new ways to play  or new activities during lockdown?

The Ordinary Moments

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