Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Photo of the week 05/52

January has ended! Usually I find that I get a lot done through January and kind of stay on top of things but honestly this year I've struggled to keep up. The past week hasn't been much different, finding our way back to a routine has been hard since Christmas and New Year. Not that it's been helped with all 3 children picking up a heavy cold this week which has now lovingly been passed on to me. I do think I'm getting there in terms of getting on top of the ever growing to do list and it might have even stopped growing (for now).

This past week has been pretty busy for all of us with the usual day to day and weekly routine of shopping, cleaning, playing, school clubs and dinners all going at full pace. There are honestly full days where we go and go.

We managed to get a nice break mid week at our mums and tots group where Scarlet and Avery enjoyed some really fun sensory play with lights and tents. They both enjoyed exploring and it's where I got this week's photo. It's not perfect and Avery has on odd socks but the moment I captured between them was a very small moment they took together to explore lights inside a tiny tent and it made my heart grow even more.

This week also involved me cutting off half my hair and visiting family who I haven't been to see in almost 7 years but I'm determined to change that!

How has your week/ January been?


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