Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Finding Time for Yourself in 2020

Making time for yourself is always important. Being able to recharge and breathe every now and again does wonders for your metal health which in turn has a lasting effect on other parts of your life. That is certainly not to say that it is easy to slow down and do something for yourself on a regular basis. If your anything like me you will probably push that much needed 'me time' down the list of priorities more times than you actually take time for yourself. I am really hopeful that this is going to change and I thought it would be nice to share some ideas on how to find a little time for yourself throughout this year.

Take a walk alone

I know that going out for an hour long walk on your own isn't always possible especially as a parent. Usually getting out for any period of time on my own is hard. However if you think about it in a way that will work well for you then you might find a little time in your day for a short walk.

Instead of trying to get out in the evening to take a walk I changed my usual daily routine and take the opportunity to do the school run alone. I don't always do it alone but when I can I enjoy the short walk and wait for Dylan to get out. I try not to use my phone and take the time to clear my mind.

If you look at things from a different perspective you might find you already do get a little time alone that you don't take advantage of. Leave the car behind and walk to the shop or take a few minutes to walk around the park when your nearby.

Use a face mask or beauty treatment

Taking time to pamper yourself is definitely something many of us see as a luxury. I know I for one am guilty for putting off any kind of pampering for myself or even worse to pop on a treatment like a face mask and then get on with housework or another task in order to fit it in to the day.

I'm hoping to change my perspective on how I use that time. I think changing things up from always trying to do these things in the evening will be a good start. I have a few face mask treatments in the bathroom cabinet along with hair treatments, nail polishes and various other beauty treatments which can be used at any time. I slowly picked a few up with our shopping and other have been Christmas gifts. When there's a little down time with everyone at home can be the perfect time to put on a face mask and sit down. Why not pop the kettle on at the same time and enjoy a hot coffee, tea or even hot chocolate. If you've got children make them up a hot chocolate and you'll probably have a bit of extra free time too! 

Enjoy a bubble bath

It seems a little cliche but for many of us grabbing a quick shower has become the go to for daily life .Try setting aside some time to enjoy a long soak in the bath. I really enjoy a long soak in the late evening when all the children have gone to sleep. 

Decide on a time that will fit in for you, grab your favourite products and run your bath. You won't regret it! Why not pick yourself up a bath bomb or bubble bath, hell go crazy and get both! run your bath and have everything you need to relax. I enjoy having a bubble bath with music playing and candles in the evening. It really helps me to wind down.

Snuggle up in your favourite spot with a good book

Taking time to read a book can be very low on the priority list when life gets busy. I know for me that's usually the case. It's was quite some time between the current book I'm reading and the last, almost two years! This year I am changing that and giving myself a reading challenge of 12 books, one every month. 

Getting to snuggle up on the sofa in the evening with a book is something I used to really love. If your anything like me you have a whole pile of books waiting to be read that you've not found the time for.

Enjoy some coffee

It seems so simple when you write it down but in reality just finding time to sit down and enjoy a coffee isn't that easy. Especially when you contend with the need to be multi tasking, climbing children, babies to feed and cuddle it all adds up and pretty soon your nice hot coffee is freezing cold and headed for the sink. Having a nice hot drink in a relaxing atmosphere can do real wonders for the soul. So set aside a date and time in your diary and have a coffee date with yourself, head to your favourite coffee shop and take some time to sit and enjoy it!

Finding time for you doesn't have to mean spa days or nothing, find a way to make more time for you in 2020.

Is there something you love doing just for you that I haven't mentioned?
Let me know below as I am really trying to find more time for me this year too.

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  1. What a lovely post. My me time was squashed into the end of the day and I almost always fell asleep without being able to enjoy it. Managing to squeeze in occasional treats like coffee and a cake is a nice way to wind down and watch the world go by.


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