Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Christmas gift ideas that are Eco Friendly

*Some items featured in this guide have been gifted*

When it comes to buying gifts this Christmas I am trying to choose more options that are Eco friendly. Through the year I have been trying to reduce our waste and chase things we use daily to a more Environmentally Friendly product when I can. I know that some of our friends and family are doing the same and getting those people a gift that is better for the environment seems like a better option to me. With that in mind I have put together five options that would make lovely gifts this Christmas.

Stocking fillers can actually be quite hard to think of, you'd be surprised by just how much it takes to  fill a stocking if you've never done it before! I love the idea of adding in something that will be useful beyond just Christmas morning which makes the DEENO-saur organic bamboo toothbrushes just perfect! The brushes bristles are coloured with the options of purple, orange and aqua. Each brush handle has the little DEENO-saur on which I think makes it look really cute and appealing to children. Plus the brushes all come in their own individual box with a unique design for each colour. Inside the brush is safe in a Paper bag for extra protection and it means that all the packaging is recyclable! The DEENO-saur organic bamboo toothbrushes are available in a pack of 3 (one of each colour) £6.99 or individually £3.99

When it comes to gifts for children why not consider a new organic clothing item from Boy Wonder. A brand who are new, they have just re-launched their Kick Starter campaign in recent days and with over 30% of their goal reached already they are set to be a big hit. Boy Wonder is a brand of organic boys clothing made here in the UK from certified organic yarn. The range will include some lovely bright and bold prints of T-shirts and jumpers which are available at a special reduced price during the kickstarter campaign. I think these would make lovely gifts for boys this Christmas and the Fish T-shirt is my favourite but there are a few designs to choose from including ice cream, caravan and milk designs. Check out the Boy Wonder kick starter with their range starting at just £33 with several other options to support Boy Wonder in their launch.

Giving a gift that will get used often is what we all want at Christmas time so what better to give than useful items like a water bottle or metal straws. I love having our metal straws out with me in the bag so that should we need one we always have it to use. I like the bend feature in these straws and with an 8 pack of two different sizes of Metal Straws just £3.99 they would be perfect for the family this Christmas.

It took me months to find a water bottle I loved that wasn't entirely made of plastic. When I finally came across My Manna water bottle made from glass I thought it was worth a try and I honestly use it almost daily now! The Manna Glass bottle is made to be used with both hot or cold drinks so if you finish your water and fancy a coffee while your out, you can just rinse and re-use! Did I mention that it keeps the temperate regulated inside to keep your drink at a level temperate for as long as possible. Thanks to the silicone slip on the outside your hands are protected from both the heat and cold too. Mine has a hook style top which I do like but this particular bottle is no longer available and I have found another Manna Glass Bottle with a bamboo lid in the same style for £9.98 including delivery. 

Finally on Christmas we all want a bit of fun and as I am sure many families do, we enjoy playing games over Christmas. This year I am really excited to play Nudge a fun two player game that is completely different to any we know yet still familiar enough to have us addicted to playing over and over again. The aim is to use each of your two moves every turn to try and nudge your opponent off the edge of the board. However you can only move your opponent when your line is bigger than theirs which means you can only move in the one direction while your pieces are connected. It sounds a little complicated at first but like any great board game it gets easier as you play and get used to the rules. Everything about Nudge is environmentally friendly and yes a game might not be an essential but I really love that this could be a really well loved gift at both Christmas or birthday's. The board you play on is made from recycled grey board and the play counters are bio-plastic made from a starch base so after 3-6 months in the elements they'll biodegrade back to the earth! I love Nudge and I am excited to share it with friends and family this Christmas. Nudge is available for £9.99.

Which of our Eco gifts will be on your list this Christmas?

Merry Christmas! 

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  1. Still gathering ideas for our family birthday season which start shortly. I am finding your gift idea posts from last year very helpful!


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