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Christmas gift ideas for Children

*AD- some items featured have been gifted to me*

When it come to buying a Christmas gift for children there is so much selection out there! A vast variety of gifts that could entertain, interest and entice little minds but just what do we go for from a large selection? I have put together a few gift ideas which could be perfect for children of various ages. 

I'll start with a gift that can be perfect for babies of any age, a little pram toy. I love the little fish toy from One Pure Fox. The little fish is called Efie and he's made of completely organic GOTS certified fabric and filling. Which means that while being good fun for baby they are also good for the environment. The little pram toy is attached by the little wooden and metal clasp at the top which can also be removed from the string loop to wash it! Yes, it's washable, in the machine at a low temperature. It washes really well as I have washed this one a few times! It's Avery's favourite top and we've used it since birth.
You can purchase your own Efie the Fish from One Pure Fox for £14.95.

You can Adopt a Mermaid! I mean this probably would have been a real dream of mine when I was a child. You are now able to adopt a mermaid from Mermaid Adoptions and it includes much more than just a mermaid. We got a Mermaid Adoption pack that contained a mermaid doll too, They are available separate as are each of the dolls.
In our Mermaid Adoption pack you can find

  • An 18 inch Sea Sparkles Mermaid 
  • A blank Mermaid Adoption certificate
  • A letter of confirmation of adoption
  • An A4 Mermaid poster
  • A Mermaid card,
  • 2 Mermaid postcards
  • A face mask to assemble yourself
  • 3 Mermaid stickers 
  • A bookmark
  • A key ring 
  • A mermaid adoption badge
In each adoption pack you will also get quarterly emails updates sent through to keep you up to date with your mermaid. 

Our little Mermaid is called Lily and I just love her pink and blue hair! There are five Mermaid dolls to choose from each has it's own style and colour. I honestly think the Adoption pack is wonderful, it's very cute and it really would build so much excitement for any child who loves the mythical wonders. There are also Unicorn Adoptions and Dragon Adoptions available so there is something for the mythical lover in all children.

The even better news is that you can purchase the Mermaid Adoption pack from just £19.99 with Mermaid included!

It just wouldn't be Christmas without games and puzzles to play together would it? I love that every year we get a game or puzzle to play together. We are big fans of the Orchard Toys range and I had to include their very diverse range of games and puzzles with something to suit all ages from toddler to teen!

We really enjoy doing the Animal Shapes puzzle with Scarlet. It contains various animal shaped puzzles, each with a shape cut out. Finding which shape fits into each animal is all the fun and as each animal is a different colour it is really easy for toddlers to understand. It's a lovely puzzle to introduce when they are ready to move on from chunky wooden put the shape in the matching hole  to something that requires more motor skills.
You can purchase the Orchard Toys Animal Shapes puzzle for £6.98.

As for an older child the Orchard Toys range has lots of games to offer up for family fun this Christmas. Other than the iconic Shopping List Game a favourite of ours is Follow That Car! A fun domino style game with pieces containing various car types with several colours of each kind. The aim is to get rid of all your cars first but you can only place a car that matches the one beside it or is the same colour. The addition of road blocks and a roundabout brings even more excitement to the game too.
You can Purchase the Orchard Toys Follow That Car! game for £7.49.

Lastly but most certainly not least is the lovely book Autism with Lola: Playing with Bourbon Badger by Jodie Isitt. A book with a purpose, Autism with Lola is the first in the Autism with Love series and it has been created to help and teach people about Autism and how it affects children around us.

I know plenty of children and grown ups who have Autism and understanding their world is incredibly hard.  Having a story where you can teach children about Autism and disability can be really important, not everyone in the world can do the same things and that's okay. Jodie has used woodland animals in the story to help really capture a child's imagination and to entice them into the story of the book.
The book is completed with beautiful subtle illustrations by Lucy Smith. I think her images of Lola really help to bring the story to life  for children's imaginations.
Lola is a bunny, but she is different, Lola has Autism and in the story we see some of the traits and sign of autism and anxiety being used. The story follows Lola in her day at school where she is having fun painting, her favourite! When suddenly it's break time and the other children all get excited about tidying up, getting louder and Lola is scared, she doesn't like the noise, it's hurting her ears. She hides, trying to stop the nose by holding her ears when Bourbon Badger starts to shush everyone, trying to help Lola. It's through the signs that Bourbon Badger can see Lola is upset and finding things hard. the story continues through playing together and some of the Autism traits that Lola has that day. It highlights these traits and there is a very special section on advice from professionals for any parent or career who can see similarities between Lola and their children.

I think the Autism with Lola: Playing with Bourbon Badger by Jodie Isitt book would be a lovely gift for a child who might have autism or even for a friend or family member of children with Autism. It's a lovely story to read together and it could answer a lot of questions for children too.
You can purchase Autism with Lola: playing with Bourbon Badger by Jodie Isitt for £8.49

I hope you found a gift that will be perfect this Christmas!
Merry Christmas

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  1. I have dipped into this post as our birthday season starts next month and I need some ideas. Very taken with the Mermaid Adoption Pack. Thank you!


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