Friday, 6 December 2019

Bringing the magic of Christmas into our home with An Elf For Christmas {Review}

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Christmas is my favourite time of year and I just love to build up the magic with the Children in the run up. One great way to add some extra special magic this Christmas is to bring an Elf in to join your family for December. We're so excited to bring our new Elf friend from An Elf For Christmas into our home this December!

We've been sent the Boy Elf For Christmas Magical Reward Kit from the An Elf For Christmas selection. Inside the Reward kit you can find a Boy Elf For Christmas, Elf living here sign, two letters to Santa, 1 reward chart, 1 sheet of stickers, 2 arrival letters, 2 nice list awards, 8 elf cards to encourage/ reward good behaviour and a thank you postcard. 

The selection from An Elf For Christmas also includes Girl Elves and comes in a dark skinned version which means they are perfect for every family! You can get the Boy and Girl Elves on their own too.

Bringing An Elf For Christmas into your home during December can mean something different for every family. The Elves can get up to no good, be kind, do funny things, prompt activities for your children or they could even just come to play hide and seek at night! Our Elf will do various activities throughout December. We've already had our Elf remind us to write our letters to Santa and tonight he's going to do some Elf Magic and transform our normal hen's eggs into something more delicious! Can you guess what it might be?

An Elf For Christmas Elves have a cute, friendly face, festive elf sized clothing including striped tights and a lovely little bauble hat. Each elf also has a Velcro square on one hand to help make them more versatile for lots of Elf fun like holding on to something.

I love that the kit comes with so many little extras that you can use with An Elf For Christmas Elves throughout December. I am particularly excited to include the Reward chart in our Elf fun this year. It will be perfect for those final days before Christmas when school ends and we need help to tidy toys or special jobs need done. 

The perfect way to end the reward chart and all of the December Elf fun will be with the Nice List certificates! Each year our Elf magically leaves us on Christmas Eve leaving behind our Christmas Eve box and I think these will make a lovely little finishing touch for our December. 

The great news is that Elves can arrive any time in December so if you would really like to bring An Elf For Christmas into your home this December there is still plenty of time! We love our Elf even though he did show up 5 days into December after having a special assignment from Santa to do first. 

You can purchase A Boy Elf For Christmas Reward Chart from An Elf For Christmas for £19.99.


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