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Making our own Greek yogurt with The EasiYo Yogurt Maker

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We've been trying to find ways to be more Eco friendly while still having the things we love and one of the things we all love is yogurt! However I really don't love that it comes covered in plastic of all kinds. It's wasteful and we'd already switched most of our yogurt to come in big pots and avoid as much plastic as we could but it's still wasteful to just recycle all the plastic containers. Which is why I got really excited when EasiYo got in touch about trying their Greek Yogurt range. 

EasiYo is a super easy to use at home yogurt maker, so easy in fact that the children loved getting involved in the making process. Both Dylan and Scarlet love yogurt and will often eat them more than once a day so getting them involved was a big plus for me. There are just a few steps to make and you only need three pieces of equipment too! 

Most of what you'll need in inside the box of the EasiYo Yogurt maker. You can see above that the box contains the yogurt maker (ours is pink), a plastic insert that goes inside (ours is already installed), a 1kg yogurt pot and an instruction leaflet. We have also got two different flavours of Greek style EasiYo yogurt in strawberry and banana flavour. 

It's really easy to get started with the EasiYo yogurt maker. Take the yogurt pot and half fill with room temperature water, this is a very important step and will affect the yogurt if the water is too cold or too warm. We used cold tap water and left it on the counter for half an hour. Once your water is the right temperature you can add in your yogurt mixture.

Now you've got to shake it! Scarlet and Dylan loved the shaking part and couldn't resist singing the 'shake it' song.

Once you have finished shaking you need to fill to the 1kg line on the yogurt pot and voila! Your yogurt mix is finished.

The next steps require the use of freshly boiled water. You need to fill the yogurt maker up to the highest point of the red divider with boiled water and place the yogurt pot inside so it sits on the divider inside the yogurt maker. I did all of these steps and the photo of Dylan above was taken before the water was added. Please be extra careful if your using boiling water around children.

Now you need to place the lid on tightly and leave the yogurt maker on a table or counter for 8-12 hours or overnight.

The final step is to take the yogurt out of the maker, place in the fridge and pour away the water from the yogurt maker. Once the yogurt is chilled you can enjoy, I did find that when I opened the yogurt there was a layer on top of what i think is the fats inside the yogurt mix. I wasn't sure what to do with it as it wasn't mentioned in the instructions so I used a spoon and removed a thin layer from the top of the yogurt.

I then dished up some yogurt and banana for dessert, everyone had a bowl and it was delicious! Both Dylan and Scarlet loved the whole bowl and Dylan even had a second. The Greek style isn't something I would have picked up in a shop as I personally don't like the texture of Greek yogurt but the EasiYo Greek Style has more of a yogurt texture which I loved and the taste was perfectly zingy with a strong banana flavour.

The best thing about using EasiYo to make yogurt is there's so little waste! Everything apart from the mix packet is reusable and since it makes a 1kg pot it lasts for a while. Each pot of yogurt can even be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. Which is perfect for us as we usually take around a week and a half to eat 1kg of yogurt depending on the flavour of course.

I'm really excited to try the other flavours in the range of Greek Style EasiYo yogurt as we have really love both the banana and strawberry flavours and it is just so easy to make!

I would recommend EasiYo yogurt and the yogurt maker to anyone who uses a lot of yogurt. Families and individuals would all benefit from the maker and making their own yogurt. Not to mention the impact it would make for the environment by preventing the plastic waste of disposable yogurt pots.

You can purchase your own EasiYo Yogurt Maker (£16.75) and Various types of Yogurt Mix (from £2.60)

 Have you ever considered making your own yogurt?


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