Monday, 25 November 2019

A new found freedom from travel anxiety with The Frenzy Folding Commuter Scooter from {Review}

*We have been gifted the item featured in the review. All opinions are my own*

Getting around isn't easy for us as a family, Simon suffers with anxiety and that encompasses travel anxiety which makes using transport impossible. Usually we would walk everywhere we go which in turn limits what we can do together. When got in touch about trying the Frenzy Folding Commuter Scooter I thought it would be perfect as a solution for Simon travelling around. 

We have received the Frenzy 215mm Black and Green Folding Commuter Scooter. You can see above that the scooter has a nice sleek and cohesive look. The dark green and black finish is accented by small touches of silver in the mechanisms on the Frenzy Commuter Scooter. 

There is a very easy to use folding mechanism with a slot for your finger to pull the locking clip up out of the mechanism and close the scooter letting the clip drop back down into the mechanism to lock the scooter closed. I love this design as it's so easy to use and can be done quickly which is perfect for Simon since there is a chance he'll looking after children at the time he needs to close the Frenzy Commuter Scooter. It would also be perfect for anyone doing the work commute since you don't want to be fiddling around with a folding clip to go to or from work. 

Being able to quickly and easily fold down the scooter is really big plus especially since it can be carried with the adjustable carry strap. I think this is my personal favourite feature since it means Simon can still be very hands on with the children. This is also a big plus for Simon since other avenues of transport like a bicycle would have an added anxiety of leaving it locked with a bicycle lock or similar. Since the Frenzy folding commuter scooter can be carried it means he can just take it with him which is especially handy when we go through buildings like bus stations or train stations where he can meet us. I will say that he wasn't comfortable carrying the scooter on one shoulder and found a cross body position was much more comfortable.

The Frenzy folding commuter scooter is adjustable in height thanks to the movable height of the handlebars. They also lock in place at three different heights for extra stability! 

The Frenzy folding commuter scooter comes with their premium urethane wheels which give a smoother ride. Simon commented a few times about how he wasn't expecting the ride to feel as smooth as it did. We first took the scooter for a test around an enclosed park area where there is a decently smooth path however there have been some areas where it isn't as smooth as you'd like and he has had no problems at all. Simon has mentioned that the brake needs to be pushed quite hard, to actually brake and stop no matter what the weather and condition of the ground. He said he has to brake much harder than you might think. Although the benefit is that you can easily adjust the speed with the force you use on the brake which is a benefit for areas where hills or speeds can be involved.

It is easy to control even at speed and the control for turning is quite fluid provided you don't try to use a sharp turn. As with most scooters the Frenzy folding commuter scooter is entirely powered by your own strength and so can be easily adjusted in regards to speed depending on how comfortable you are with it. Simon has become very confident and can easily 'zoom' (his exact description) to various places in minutes. 

An extra benefit to us other than the major getting around point I mentioned at the beginning is that Dylan and Scarlet are excited every time we go anywhere that they can use their scooter or bike as it means they can race Simon on his! 

There have been so many unexpected benefits to The Frenzy Folding Commuter Scooter from Simon uses it as much as he can since it's not recommended to be used in the rain with the grip tape surface. It offers so much freedom for Simon which has previously been lost.
 I can see this being a major game changer for us come spring and summer which makes it a fantastic Christmas gift for anyone who commutes or like us doesn't/ cannot use transport vehicles. I love that it has a wide range of who this would be perfect for as any teenager/ adult would be able to easily use this scooter thanks to how adjustable it is. It is a fantastic long term investment.

You can purchase The Frenzy Folding Commuter Scooter in Green/ Black from for £129.95. Although it is currently on sale for Black Friday for £109.95 at the time of posting. 

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  1. Wow! I had no idea that an adjustable and foldable scooter like this existed. It really is perfect for commuting. I have bookmarked the site and will be coming back to it shortly as I have a family member who would love it and use it.


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