Friday, 4 October 2019

What We're Reading - The Boy Who Said No! by Charlie Griffin

We usually share Dylan's favourite in our What We're Reading posts and this month we're changing things up a little, this month I've decided to share a favourite book for Scarlet. Up until now it has mainly been Dylan who reads or shows a big interest in books that have a story behind them. Scarlet usually enjoys baby books and touchy feel books but recently she has taken to wanting to hear the story too. So I am totally embracing it and we found the perfect book for her this month.

The book that Scarlet has fallen in love with over the last month is The Boy Who Said No! by Charlie Griffin. It's about a little boy called Max who has learnt to say the word no and he has decided that 'No!' is the only answer he wants to say. His poor Mum has her own plan to stop Max from saying 'No' to everything (even cake!). So one morning Mum puts her plan in action with the hope that Max won't be the boy who says no! any longer.

I'm pretty sure every parent out there can totally relate to this book and that wonderful NO! phase our little ones go through. It's a phase I am all too familiar with since Scarlet is going through it right now right now. Everything is no, she'll tell me no to getting dressed while putting her clothes on. It's a time in parenting when you don't see the end in sight. I love that this book adds a  bit of humour to the no phase.

Throughout the book you can find fun, colourful illustrations by Kathryn Durst. The illustrations really embrace the fact that Max loves to scream 'NO!' and he usually appears with a big screaming mouth which perfectly matches his bright red curly hair. The background used throughout the book mutes the room and objects that aren't in the fore front which I like. It means that Scarlet pays closer attention to Max, his mum and what is happening in the photo.

Scarlet loves Max and she quite happily shouts NO! along with him throughout the story. She will always choose The Boy Who Said No! from the book shelf and it never fails to make her laugh.

If you are going through or even still remember going through the infamous No phase with your children then this book is perfect for you. You never know maybe you could try out his Mum's idea and see if it will work for you.

You can purchase The Boy Who Said No! by Charlie Griffin for £2 or as part of The Works 6 for £10 deal.

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  1. Love the review and delighted to know about this book. Yes, the NO! word is very familiar and, when they're a little older, it's replaced with WHY?


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