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The softest Egyptian cotton baby range from Babiroo Baby {Review}

AD - The items featured have been gifted to us.
All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When it comes to babies we all want them to be comfortable. If you spend the whole walking around in uncomfortable clothes your never very happy and as a mother I am always aware of the materials my children wear. When I heard from Babiroo Baby I was really interested to see how their organic Egyptian cotton would feel in terms of comfort for Avery. 

If you've never heard of Babiroo Baby it's a brand of handmade organic Egyptian cotton baby wear that is eco friendly and ethical. The brand was started by it's founder Michelle Havill for parents who want to give their child the best and softest materials they can. Not only was this her motivation behind Babiroo Baby but she wanted to hope for a cleaner earth through the use of eco friendly materials and manufacturing without losing any of the construction and design she dreamed of. Behind her vision for a healthier earth is the shocking reality that over 8,000 different chemicals can be used in the making of one item of clothing. Just the one item! It's astonishing. 

We received the blue Gift Basket from Babiroo Baby which contains a sleeping bag, sleepsuit, vest, hat, baby swaddle blanket and a little teething doll all in the soft baby blue colour as you can see above. When they arrived I was really excited to see just what the organic Egyptian Cotton would feel like from Babiroo Baby. I wan't disappointed when they arrived either. Everything is incredibly soft and the design is simple but soft and delicate which I love. I really liked that the whole range has the same design and subtle look.

When these first arrived Avery was still so small that most of it was too big, however we had been really struggling to find a soft baby hat that actually fit him well. The hat from Babiroo was just perfect, it fit snugly without being too tight and it didn't seem to be too big like many of the hats in 0-3 months that we had tried. The hat itself is a lovely cream colour with the inside and bottom band being the baby blue colour. On the front of the band is a small embroidered stork sack with a heart. This matches into the rest of the range which features a stork. The soft material and seams made all the difference too. Avery seemed to be comfortable and content while wearing his hat which always a big priority for baby wear. 

Another item from the Babiroo Baby range that we got to use right away despite Avery's small size is the swaddle blanket. Since Avery was born in May we pretty much came right into that period where the weather is too warm for a proper blanket but also too cold for no blanket with small babies. It's hard to navigate around when babies are newborn but this wasn't ever a worry with that Babiroo's blanket, it's lightweight but also big enough that it can be folded over to double up the warmth should you need it. This may be my favourite item from the whole range! We have used this blanket all summer. It's perfect for swaddling Avery up and knowing he isn't too warm or even just tucking him into bed with the blanket around him through the warm summer nights. It's become our most used baby blanket and the little stork featured on the bottom is adorable! Such beautiful embroidery.

I love the design of both the vest and sleepsuit from Babiroo Baby. The vest features the blue trim and stork logo while the sleepsuit has an off set popper line that comes down the body at a curve and ends on the right leg. The curve is very aesthetically pleasing while also being practical in that there's less poppers to put together to get baby dressed. The sleepsuit also features fold over built in mittens perfect for stopping baby from scratching their face. 

It wasn't long before Avery could wear the organic Egyptian cotton vest and sleepsuit. We wore these quite often over summer too. The whole range is beautiful but with the Babiroo vest and sleepsuit being up right against his skin I was very interested to see how he'd like these two items. Having felt them myself I was already impressed, they feel incredibly soft to the touch in every aspect. Not one part of the Babiroo clothing has been left out in the design process. You can tell that comfort is the key for them too, even the labels on the inside are soft and don't scratch like we all know labels can. 

Which leads onto another bedtime item from Babiroo, the sleeping bag. The sleepingbag from Babiroo features the same curved popper line as the sleepsuit does. There is however some differences, the sleeping bag is sleeveless and has an inner layer which is all the lovely baby blue colour with the cream being the main outer colour that is just finished with the blue edging that has been seen throughout that Babiroo range. The sleeping bag features diamond shapes made when the sleeping bag has been padded to make it a 2 tog sleeping bag. 

 I for one love baby sleeping bags, when Dylan was small I had no idea such a thing was out there and they have been invaluable with Scarlet and now with Avery. The piece of mind of know they are safe while sleeping is something every parent should have in their lives. The Babiroo sleeping bag has an even better piece of mind to offer since it's made organically and doesn't have those 8,000 chemicals used during the making process. Knowing that Avery is safe, warm and not surrounded by chemicals while he sleeps is amazing! I sleep a little better knowing he's safe when he uses this sleeping bag and honestly I think that is all I could ask for from a piece of clothing or baby wear. We had the 0-3 month size which has fit Avery up to about 4 months which has been really good! 

The final item in the Babiroo range is now Avery's favourite, the little teething doll. I must say the doll is just adorable! I love that it is made entirely out of the soft organic Egyptian cotton with the addition of a piece of velcro and a small wooden ring. It's simple, beautiful and so very practical. 

Avery adores to chomp down on the dolls hands or feet when his gums are irritating him or even when he just feels like it. He can often just fall asleep holding onto the Babiroo doll too which is super adorable! I love that the velcro can be pulled and the ring separated, it's come in very handy for washing the doll when he throws it down.

I honestly cannot recommend the Babiroo Baby range enough. If you are having a baby or know someone who is these would make for the perfect first outfit and beyond. Everything in the range is made from GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton and is so soft you know that baby will be comfortable. The range covers all baby sizes too which is perfect for older babies and they even have a toddler range! 

You can purchase the Gift Basket for £99.99 from Babiroo Baby in the blue like we have got or in pink or green (£119.99) too. 

Each of the items from the range are available individually including the Swaddle blanket (£21.99), vest (£21.99), sleepsuit (£29.99), hat (£10.99), sleeping bag (£40.99) and teething doll (£14.99)


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