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A whole new toy range from Poundland {Review}

*AD - We have received the products featured. All opinions are my own.*

As a mother of three I am constantly adding to our toy selection by adding on to sets we already own, I quickly learnt that adding on can be pretty expensive. As a result I am always looking out to see if I can find things with a good deal or similar toys that would be compatible with the ranges we already have. When I heard about the new range of toys from Poundland that is compatible with the big brand names I was really intrigued.

Boy with blonde hair wearing glasses and a white short sleeved t-shirt with small blue + signs on. He is smiling over a selection of toys inside their packaging. A range of toys including building bricks, foam darts, motor cycles and a transforming car which are sat on a table.

The new toys from Poundland cover a wide range of interests and includes vehicles, transforming cars, Building bricks, characters, foam darts, dart blasters, dough and more. Each is compatible with many of the big named brands and work alongside the other ranges out there too.

Two toy motor bikes standing on a white table facing opposite directions. The fore front motor cycle is red with silver motor and features, the other in the back has a green and silver scheme. In the background has the top of a blue chair with light cream wall.

Dylan enjoys a whole range of toys and with various interests at any given time there are always a few firm favourites that stay around and the Poundland range hits on pretty much them all. He loves vehicles of all kinds and motorbikes are the ultimate in terms of coolness. He loved the Harley Davidson style police motorbike set that contains three toy motorbikes with silver detailing and a coloured top feature with black seats. Dylan loves zooming these around and racing off to save the day. He was especially impressed with the fact they even have a little kick stand, although I found the stand a little hard to balance the bike with.

Blonde haired boy wearing a short sleeved t-shirt with small blue + signs on. He is sitting on a blue chair in front of a white table and is building a yellow car but slotting the pieces back together to hide the robot it transformed from.

Another one of the firm favourites for Dylan is transforming vehicles. I have Transformers to thank for that! We have an extensive collection and he loves to add new transforming cars in. It always revives his love for them too which is lovely to see. I knew the Tranbot from Poundland would be a hit when I saw it and I wasn't wrong. Dylan immediately got to figuring out how to transform it from car to robot and back again before setting off on adventures to stop evil and join the other transforming vehicles we have. I was impressed by how well some of the components worked namely the wheels. We've had some issues before with wheels on these types of toy and the Poundland range works really well and it's easy to change around.

I think the only thing in the new Poundland toy range that isn't something Dylan typically loves to play with is the Cyber Combat foam darts and blasters. We have always limited his amount of weapons play although we do have a few of these type of toy they aren't played with all the time. That's not to say he hasn't loved shooting these foam darts at me on a regular basis over the last while! As you can see above Dylan is using the Cyber Combat darts with one of our Star Wars Nerf attachments so these Cyber Combat darts can easily fit in most blaster and certainly works well with them.

Each dart has a hardened rubbery plastic type end which helps with aim and the airborne properties of the Cyber Combat darts. They are very lightweight and made foam just like many of the darts on the market, just at a lower price! What's not to love about that?

For me the fact that we can get 20 Cyber Combat darts for just £1 is fantastic! Dylan never fails to loose our foam darts, every single time we play with them at least two go missing so knowing that I can pop to Poundland and pick up some more will mean that we can play and maybe even take them out for some games in the park or woods.

Blonde haired boy wearing glasses and white short sleeved top with blue + signs looking very excited with his hands up at his face. The white table in the front of the picture has two boxes of Brix Play blocks and people along with two sticky back purple Brix Play strips

I have saved the best (in our opinion) for last and that is the new Brix Play collection from Poundland which as you can see Dylan was super excited to try! We received a building set of  50 bricks, a 'Rock Girls on Tour set of characters and a pack of two building strips that can attach to somewhere using adhesive and make a building platform anywhere.

Four small Brix Play people. The far left has blonde hair and is wearing a purple top with dark purple short sleeves and a blue pair of trousers that is also the shoes. The second  has brown hair, pale skin with a smiling expression wearing a blue short sleeve top with a slogan in red writing and pink trousers/ shoes the third is a pale skinned blonde smiling girl with a light purple short sleeve leotard with a bright pink top featuring beach scene, she is wearing no trousers or shoes. The final girl is has a brown ponytail with pale skin and is smiling. She is wearing a black shirt sleeve top with red lips on the right side and red trousers/ shoes. A boys folded arms and  white short sleeved top with blue + symbols and a denim pocket can be seen faded in the background

We got started by seeing what the Brix Play 'Rock Girls on Tour' set had. Inside we found four girls with various outfits and faces. There was two with brown hair and two with blonde hair. I do think they look like they are off to concert which is pretty cool. They look similar to many little characters we have and they fit in with our building bricks. Dylan has already set to work building various things a rock band on tour might need.

Various sized pieces of Brix Play in blue, red and yellow colours scattered over a white table A blonde haired boy wearing glasses and a white short sleeved t-shirt with small blue + signs and a denim front pocket on the right side.He is sat at a white table on a blue chair building various coloured small Bricks from Brix Play into a tower

 As part of the Brix Play collection Poundland there are brick sets with various colours and shapes in which allow children to build freely with their imagination. Inside our set there was 50 bricks which where yellow, red and blue. You can see all the shapes, sizes and colours in the image above. Dylan enjoyed building up a robot with the bricks and having different sizes and shapes came in really useful.

The final piece of Brix Play that we have is the Building Tape. I have actually been looking into various building brick tapes recently. We've been doing the children's bedroom and I thought it would be a good thing to incorporate so I was pretty excited about them. Each pack has two inside, ours are purple but there is a large range of colours available.

I decided to attach these to our book case edge as this was the area I was thinking of buying them for. They are really easy to attach, peal the white backing strip of and attach the Brix Play Tape to a flat surface. They bend around any edges so they are perfect for this kind of job. That's pretty much it! Just attach any kind of building bricks that fit and you can play or even display things your child has built.

 The new toy collections from Poundland are brilliant. The collections are all compatible with other sets you might have and at just £1 they are perfect for pocket money. The range is pretty extensive and covers various types of play so there will be something for everyone to enjoy. I especially recommend the Brix Play which is a massive hit with Dylan.

You can purchase the whole range which includes all the products featured in our post for just £1 each at Poundland stores across the UK.


  1. I think my granddaughter would like the Rock Girls set. She has some Lego Princess sets and it would be nice to get her some girl characters that are not princesses, plus her aunty Zuzu is a professional musician, and her bass player is also female, so my granddaughter knows some actual rock girls!

  2. Margaret Clarkson
    Great in depth review, thank you so much.


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