Saturday, 3 August 2019

My Breastfeeding Journey - Feeding in Toddlerhood

It world breastfeeding week and I thought there wouldn't be a better time to finish my updates on breastfeeding Scarlet. Last year I shared my journey with breastfeeding Scarlet from birth to one year old and I was surprised to have reached such a big milestone. I had only planned to aim for 6 months which would have been twice as long as I breastfed Dylan. So when I hit one year with no signs of stopping I knew we'd continue going through to when Scarlet wanted to stop. Which didn't turn out to be anytime soon. 

After Scarlet hit one year old she was more dependant on food than milk for her nutrients and milk was more there as a top up, or so it seemed. She quickly started to cut her daytime feeds out, breastfeeding became her relaxing, ready for a nap or bedtime thing and we stopped feeding out and about all together. She happily drank water, juice and even cows milk during the day and with meals. 

Our little routine of nap time and bedtime feeds was relaxed but at night she could easily feed for an hour or two before falling asleep. The length of her night time feed meant she wasn't sleeping until close to 11pm. All through autumn we kept up with the same routine and worked it around our lives. Scarlet was happy and she wasn't getting many of the bugs Dylan was getting from school so I know she was getting some of my anti bodies. 

Come Christmas she did get sick and on Christmas night she was having a harder time feeding. She did have her usual night time feed and I had absolutely no idea that it would be our very last. The next day her nose was all stuffy with a nasty cold and she couldn't feed and breathe so she decided not to. 

After a few days she was feeling better and showed an interest in feeding again. However things had changed and she didn't like my milk anymore. We had no idea why at the time and she would get a little upset at night time when we cuddled to get her to go to sleep. In the week following this we actually found out we where having Avery. Scarlet had gotten her cold right over the time in pregnancy when your milk changes/ starts to be produced so when she went back to feeding my milk wasn't the same and probably tasted very different to what she liked. It took a few weeks before she found a new bedtime routine that didn't depend on breastfeeding and she's not taken any interest since. In a way our journey didn't end how I had thought and she didn't want to stop which ended up being really difficult. I got upset quite a few times when I couldn't be the comfort she wanted but we got through and I'm happy that I will always remember that last feed as a special one on her second Christmas. 


  1. I had no idea that the flavour of breastmilk changes during pregnancy!

  2. I breastfed 3 of my 4 children, the first baby I had at 18 ad was going through a tough time , my last baby Charlie now 3 was an emergency cesarean I lost 2 litres of blood and didnt have a transfusion it was borderline , it was tough but I persisted and I loved it


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