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Fun learning maths with Matific Galaxy {Review & Giveaway}

*This is a gifted collaboration, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

It's summer here and with two weeks already past since the last day of school I'm very aware we need to continue learning through summer. We've always had a book or two that Dylan can complete over summer. This year I wanted to do a bit more and cover as many of the subjects he learns in school as we can. Which is why I was really excited when Matific got in touch with us.

Matific is an online maths education tool which helps to support your child while they learn the Mathematics Curriculum. Matific Galaxy covers all the fundamentals of maths and helps children to learn their maths through fun interactive games called episodes. The great news is that each of those fun episodes is a structured lesson focusing on one mathematics skill. They progress independently following along the guided episodes your child will learn at their own pace. 

Setting up Matific Galaxy is really easy with the whole programme being an online site you sign into. As a parent you will have access to much more on the site than your child who will have their own personalised log in (username and password) which you make during the set up process and are able to change at any time. I like that this adds another layer of independence, Dylan is very good at his IT logging in at school and is always really proud that he can remember his password! The set up process includes which grade your child follows. Now the grades do follow the American grade system however they match up with the UK curriculum with kindergarten being Reception in Great Britain and Primary 1 here in Northern Ireland. The final selection is to add a learning goal of how long you'd like them to spend learning on Matific over a whole week you can choose anything from 15-75 minutes a week. I set Dylan's to the 'recommended time of 45 minutes a week but I know he does more than that and if we're at home he likes to spend half an hour playing in one go! Once your set up they are pretty much good to go. 

Matific Galaxy follows along to it's own little adventure story. An Alien villain has captured the pixels of all the space characters and your child can save them by getting the pixels back in rewards for completing the maths challenges. Each Character is made up of an increasing number of pixels the higher in level they get. After each episode your child will be rewarded with pixels which build up to save one character in each section. Once they have given the character their pixels they will also be rewarded with coins which help their own player level increase as well as unlocking the next episode. If they complete the whole section and have the character's pixels filled up they will be given the chance to get a prize of a fun accessory for that character. With plenty to collect for each there's always an incentive for them to keep practising the games throughout the whole of Matific Galaxy. 

Dylan loves maths at school and according to his teachers it's one of his strongest subjects so I want to keep nurturing that skill for him in a fun way. Which means that the structure of Matific sounded perfect for what I wanted. At first when I mentioned doing something to do with school work he immediately said 'But it's summer!' although he quickly changed his mind when I showed him Matific Galaxy after dinner that evening. He was really excited to get started and during the first little session I stayed nearby taking photographs for this review and to help if wanted to ask me anything. Apart from helping him get used to the fact my laptop isn't a touch screen and has a mouse pad he didn't ask for much help at all. He sat and happily played through the episodes in the order they unlocked. 

At first the episodes started out pretty easy and straight forward with the first being a simple counting activity with various fish being what Dylan had to count and enter the number of fish into the box. This episode was a series of questions where he had to input the answer. There are two ways the question is asked the first is it's displayed on the screen along the bottom for them to easily read but it is also read aloud to them when the activity first opens. After that they can click on the circle with the image of a person speaking and it will read the question again. I liked that it had all the options available as there are some words Dylan still isn't able to recognise and this really helps him play along. 

As he progressed on further through the episodes there where more which he needed to interact with in different ways with variations from counting objects in one small image or counting animals in a panoramic image they have to move around the screen to see all the way up to games where they need to move and place objects somewhere to copy a pattern and more.  Each of these episode's covers a different element of the mathematics curriculum with sections which cover counting, addition, subtraction, geometry, patterns, money management, measurement, comparison and even data analysis being what they'll practise in just the first grade selection! Pretty impressive to have so many maths skills by completing the first area. I'm not even sure I knew that in primary 2 Dylan was learning about data analysis. I'm very impressed by the full coverage inside Matific Galaxy. 

When Dylan started to get a bit further into the game after the first 2-3 days I could see that he was starting to get challenged on what he was doing. If I sat and watched I could see him using his fingers to count or whispering the pattern to himself aloud and I could tell he was taking a minute to think about the answer. He wasn't always getting the answer right anymore and I was able to see another great addition to Matific Galaxy which is a small prompt that gives your child a subtle clue to help them get to the right answer. There will be two prompts given to enable them to get to the answer if they can and if not then Matific Galaxy will show them the answer and move onto another question. I really like how this works and it enables independent play and learning. I know he would be OK to continue along and play if I was to be making dinner or tiding up.

Dylan's favourite thing in Matific Galaxy is that he unlocks achievements! He was really impressed when the little achievement icon popped up the first time and each time since he's had a little excited celebration dance in the chair. It's so lovely to see him feel so proud that he's doing well at Matific Galaxy. 

As I mentioned above you as a parent will get a different access to Matific Galaxy and in this area I can check on Dylan's progress with a quick guide on how he's doing, how much activity he's got done in a week period over several weeks in a small graph. You can get access to both account settings to enable you to change anything, update passwords, usernames and change the child's grade when they need to advance further. The best part of the parent section for me however is that each week you receive an updated report. You can have an email sent with the report but I like the more advanced one available in a section in the parent access page of Matific Galaxy. You can see above the information and what you can find out from the report. I think this is a really good idea and I like that I can really see just how Dylan is doing in all the areas he has completed against the average for Matific. It also shows me in which areas he still need to work and which games he could use some practise in. I find that these games match up to those where he has asked for help or he didn't get a full set of 5 stars for the episode. 

My favourite section of the parent side has got to be a small area when you scroll down in the main 'dashboard' where I can send Dylan a little e-card for encouragement and to tell him well done. I love that this is in the Matific Galaxy system and I think it's something that works so well. I would forget to tell him he's doing well and getting such great answers if I was checking in on it later in the evening while he was in bed. Having this feature also means when he goes on to do some more learning he'll see the little card from me before he starts to play and have a positive encouragement from the start.

I honestly cannot find anything I don't like about Matific Galaxy. The whole Matific platform is available in app form with each grade having it's own app from both the Android and Apple stores which means they could be loaded up onto your child's tablet for learning fun on the go.  If you have a primary school aged child I think that Matific Galaxy makes the perfect addition to support learning maths at home. I know that it will be perfect for over summer and all the other school holidays where you want to help encourage learning of maths to continue but also want to keep within the school curriculum. However the learning can happen over term time as well since it will all match up to their school work.  

You can purchase access to Matific Galaxy Grades K-6 for a whole year at just £30 for one child. You can also purchase a year group plan for £15  Plus if your adding on another child you can get a 25% discount for them. 

Now for some even better news, We have been given a whole year's access to Matific Galaxy for one our readers to win! If you would like to get access for you and your child for whole year then have a look below and enter our giveaway using the Gleam widget.

Good Luck!

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  • The prize will be sent directly from the PR.

*Disclaimer: We have recieved access to Matific Galaxy for one year for Dylan in return for this review. All thoughts and opinions that I have expressed above are entirely my own.*


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  5. For example, using math manipulative, interactive games and even board games can provide engaging math learning and play to children they also keep children entertained for hours and they often never realize how much they are learning.


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