Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Avery at 2 months old

Two months old! I'm a little behind with this post which had been planned for over a week ago now. We're getting close to Avery being three months old but I wanted to share everything that changed at two months.

Avery is still a happy, content little baby. He didn't really cry much during his first month and something I have noticed over this month is that he's got his proper little newborn cry. Usually he'll only have a proper baby cry if he's really annoyed or if he's been asleep for longer than normal and is now really hungry.

This month sleep has had some harder moments. He still naps for most of the day and will sleep through for around 4 hours solid at night. We did hit Avery's first leap this month and he mostly wanted to sleep on my however he still slept very well and stayed content while I had him.

Physical Ability
Avery is pretty strong! He's always had good strength in his neck and has been trying to see around him since he was around a week old. He'll keep his head in one upright position for a good minute or two at a time.
I do think Avery has stronger muscles and greater control at this point than both Dylan and Scarlet. He really enjoys tummy time and happily squirms around trying to move himself already. I don't think it'll be too long before he actually moves himself! Which is just crazy! He's only two months.

Avery had his first social smile! It's adorable and it never fails to make me smile back. He's very alert and responsive and he loves to smile at Dylan and Scarlet. I think we are close to getting his first giggle too. He makes some little noises while smiling now which makes me think he's trying to laugh.

Avery has been doing really well. He's growing and gaining weight so well that in the last month (plus a few days) he's jumped through two centiles! He now weighs 11 pounds and 

Last month we had some problems with feeding in the first few days as I said in Avery's one month update. Since we have been going very well. Avery feeds very well and is gaining weight much better now. The only little problem we hit this month with breastfeeding was that I got a blocked milk duct which was really painful and took a two days to get it to pass. I think we're doing really well and we are completely settled into breastfeeding together now. The hardest thing we deal with is when Avery is really hungry during the night he just works himself up and needs to calm down a little before he can latch on.


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