Tuesday, 2 July 2019

A letter to my daughter, your two years old!

Dear Scarlet,

I can't believe that it's been over a year since you where born. You turned two a few weeks ago now and honestly I'm still in disbelief! So much has changed this last year and I have loved watching you grow and learn.

You've learnt so much! Throughout the last year you have learnt so many words, you talk in short sentences and can easily express what you want to us. You've finally decided that Daddy can be called by his own name and not by Mama, although he secretly wishes you'd call Mama again sometimes. 

You've got some interests , you adore Curious George and Fireman Sam on TV but you really enjoy reading books. The current favourite is 'The Boy who said no!' and it's perfectly matched with you since 'no' is your favourite word.

In the last few months we had a big move around and you moved into you own bed! You sleep on the bottom bunk with Dylan on the top. You surprised us all by sleeping almost right through the night in your bed from the first day. You don't wake up at all anymore and rarely even make to our bedroom in the morning. Your more excited to play with Dylan and all the toys. 

This year you've become a big sister. It was a big surprise but I think you knew before the rest of us! Your a fantastic big sister, your caring, gentle and very accepting of Avery. You love to get big cuddles at every opportunity but your not keen on long cuddles. Once you've had enough then you want to hand him back. You can get a little jealous at night so we all get cuddles together while Avery has his night feed and while it is hard to balance you both for long periods it's a special little moment that I love at the end of every day. 

Now your two and we will have so many more great adventures to take together this year. 
I'm really excited to find out all the new things your going to learn.

Love Mummy x


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