Saturday, 1 June 2019

Baby Avery at One Month Old

I can't believe I am already sat here writing up Avery's first monthly update. He's already one whole month old! He was born on May 1st and now we've reached June which feels impossible. In the same way it feels as though he has always been here. He may have given our lives a big shake up but he's fitted in without a thought and I can't really imagine life without all three little people running around now!

 Avery is so little yet we already see so much of his personality, he's such a content baby who loves to be cuddled. It's early days and I know that over time his little personality will really start to develop and show. I'm excited to find out who he will be but for now I am happy to wait and watch as he grows and changes through these early days.

Through the first week or so Avery slept really well at night. He woke every three hours to have a feed and would drift back off easily. The only exception in the early days was that he would have his own little 'witching hour' when he just stayed awake for no real reason being a little fussy in the middle of the night. He has grown out of that little phase and now I'm finding we are generally up for a fair amount of the night. He will sleep well once he goes down however getting him to go down isn't easy. I'm hoping this is just another little phase and he'll find a proper night time pattern again soon. 

During the day Avery has several long naps and is usually only awake for around two to three hours. His awake time is slowly increasing as time goes by and he's more alert during the awake time now than a week or two ago. 

Physical Ability
At just one month old it's rather astonishing what a baby can do. Avery has been able to lift his head for a few seconds since he was born, over this month he's increased his strength and control when he lifts his head up as well as increasing the length of time he holds it up. He seems to enjoy tummy time for a minute or two so far.

He has a pretty good grasp, he'll hold on to your finger, blankets, clothing and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on. 

Avery is now able to move around if he really wants to, he has figured out that moving his body around and squirming can help get him where he wants to be. It's making nappy changes quite interesting at the minute!

There are so many milestones to share with Avery over the last month with his first day and night at home, meeting Scarlet and Dylan for the first time, reaching his birth weight are all milestones we saw during the first week after he was born. 
Over the rest of the month we have enjoyed watching as he had his first tummy time, started to grasp onto fingers, clothing and blankets as well as starting to discover the world around him. 

During the first few days of life Avery developed a little jaundice which for small babies who are born early is pretty normal. It's gone now and it wasn't anything to worry about,his levels stayed very low and only ever reached just over 80 which is fairly low. 

Quite recently we all caught a cold type bug that Avery also got a little bit of. Luckily he didn't seem to catch the whole bug and just got a bit of a runny nose. It did make feeding during the night a little harder but we did okay and he wasn't phased at all by it.

Avery has his first feed in the time not long after he was born. We've been breastfeeding since and he's done amazingly well. He latched on well the first feed and hasn't had any latch problems at all. We've been lucky that he's taken well to breastfeeding from the start.

The only problem we've had at all is when he lost over 10% of his body weight at 3 days old and had to be given some expressed milk top ups to help him start getting back up towards his birth weight  again. All three of my children have had to have expressed milk top ups at 3 days old and Avery much like his siblings has thrived ever since. He did only have a few top ups and since he's gained back his birth weight and much more! He'll be due to get weighed in around two weeks time and was last weighed around 2 and a half weeks old when he was over 7 pounds! Which is amazing to think since he was only 6 pounds 2 ounces when he was born. 


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