Tuesday, 21 May 2019

DIY Superhero Canvas Art for Children

Over the last few weeks we've been redecorating the children's room and getting it ready for Dylan and Scarlet to share. It has meant that in some areas we've kept everything very neutral and in others it seems a little more on the empty side. In a bid to add a little personality back in we decided to create something to add to the wall along their beds. We have got some wall stickers for part of the room but this space was somewhere to add a little more personal touch. 

I came up with the idea for making our own Superhero Canvas Art after I had seen a little valentines DIY ideas video on Facebook where they created a heart shape on a canvas with paper before adding random paint strokes and blobs all around. The finished product was lovely and it seemed like a lot of fun which Dylan could join in with.

You will need:
Small square canvases (you can change the size or shape if you wish) 
various colours of paint
cotton wool balls
clothes pegs
masking tape

We set to work with my idea and first we had to decide what we wanted the focus to be. I went with the really easy option of superhero logos, the not so easy task for Dylan however was choosing which superheroes we would use! After a while we decided on a few and got to work drawing the logo shape out on paper and cutting each out. Once cut we taped it down with a piece of masking tape folded over. Ensure the tape doesn't come over any lines around or in the design itself. This is really important. 

 Once we had our canvas prepared we needed to get the colours of paint we needed. I had already decided we would use each superheroes iconic colours to make the design really pop. We took the cotton wool balls and added one to the end of a peg for each colour of paint. 

Now comes the fun part, using the cotton wool on the peg as a dabbing type of paintbrush you need to cover the whole canvas. Ensure you use several colours or shades to get a good effect and try to keep the colours well spread out over the whole canvas with space to add other colours or shades in between. Your main aim is to cover all the white on the canvas. Do take more care around the superhero logo to ensure it doesn't move around or you may not get the effect you want.

You now have two options, allow the paint to dry first or remove the logo before the paint has dried. We have tried both methods and I did prefer to do it while the paint was wet as on a few we did manage to get some paint under and removing when dried made this very difficult.

Once the canvas is dried your ready to hang up your artwork and enjoy it! 

I'd love to see the results if you decide to make your own.


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