Friday, 10 May 2019

Bump Update Baby #3 - 36 & 37 weeks

I can't believe I'm actually sat here writing up my last bump update!In the next few days we will be meeting our little baby boy. (He arrived before this post was actually due to go live and has now been with us for over a week!) We are all so excited but I am feeling a little bittersweet that these few days will be the last of pregnancy for me. Strange as I never felt this way with Scarlet despite planning to be finished with just her and Dylan. I guess I never got a date and never really saw the end coming in a way?

Baby 36 weeks - At 36 weeks baby is measuring up to be roughly  50 cm and weighs a little over 6 pounds according to the scan we had.

Now it's all about getting bigger. Over this week babies lungs will finish developing enough to breathe in air after delivery. It's at this point we see baby dropping down into my pelvis to be ready for delivery. 

In preparation for delivery they'll be shedding all the downy hair that has been protecting their skin inside too. 

Baby 37 weeks - Now baby is considered 'full term'! and measures up to be around the size of a Honeydew Melon and weighs about 6.5 pounds (although we've been measuring up a little higher than my app for most of this pregnancy). From now baby will gain about half an ounce a day too. Isn't that amazing?

Baby should be in the engaged position now and is getting himself ready for delivery day! Everything should be developed enough for live outside the womb. Although baby is now ready to meet the world he is still developing his immune system which will continue right up through those early months and years too. 

Me 36 & 37 weeks - The last two weeks I have really noticed that baby has moved down into my pelvis. My bump has dropped a fair bit but I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable as time goes on now. I've been lucky in not having any braxton hicks contractions yet in this pregnancy. 

With the timer on count down I feel like I should be enjoying this stage a bit more but life with two little ones is crazy and add in wanting to get the house sorted (thank you for nesting!) in some sort of crazy fashion that has me cleaning at most available moments. Although I do want to be sure I'm still taking time for me and for both Dylan and Scarlet. I must admit it's quite a juggling act and a few things do slip in the end. 

As I sit typing this up I do feel like I have most things ready now. We have a plan, bags are packed, house is almost completely sorted out, prams are ready and we can relax a little now. 

Over the last two weeks my itching has been relatively mild too. My bile acid levels are coming down and seem to be staying under 40 which is great news! I'm still taking my medication and it seems like it is all working fine. I've had appointments at the hospital for bloods and last week we had our final scan. Everything looked good and baby is doing just as he should. Now all that is left to do is wait. I won't have any more blood tests done now until 14 days after I've given birth. They'll do this final test to ensure that my liver functions go back to normal after pregnancy and that I don't need any further treatment for anything. 

Now it's just a waiting game. I'm rather excited to think that the next time I sit here to type out a post it'll be a birth announcement!


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